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Sennheiser unveils a host of microphones and accessories for videographers and vloggers

Sennheiser is launching new solutions for creators of audio and video content with lapel microphones, gun microphones and mobile kits for all budgets.

The Sennheiser MKE 400 mobile kit

The Manfrotto tripod, the smartphone clamp and the MKE400 shotgun microphone // Gamesdone: Sennheiser

Sennheiser has unveiled a whole series of very high quality microphones to meet the needs of content creators, whether podcasters, vloggers or just videographers. The German audio specialist also offers new kits to allow you to create simply using your smartphone and some accessories.

Microphones for vlogs and podcasts

Simplicity and quality. Here are the two key words of the new microphones offered by Sennheiser. The firm from across the Rhine offers the XS Lav Mobile, an omnidirectional lavalier microphone with a TRRS connector for connection to a mobile device or computer. Then just clip the microphone to start recording and get a clear and natural sound.

The Xenn Lav USB-C mobile kit from Sennheiser

Le kit mobile XS Lav USB-C // Gamesdone: Sennheiser

The lavalier microphone is also available in a USB-C version for smartphones or new PCs under the name XS Lav USB-C. This is the model recommended for videoconferences with a laptop PC, because it does not prevent the audio output of the device unlike the XS Lav Mobile whose 3.5 mm jack plug deactivates the output.

Sennheiser XS Lav Lavalier Microphone

Le micro-cravate XS Lav de Sennheiser // Gamesdone: Sennheiser

Their audio quality has been enhanced, promises Sennheiser, to isolate the voice even better and reduce surrounding noise that can disturb a video track. The smartphone or computer immediately recognizes the connected microphone and automatically switches from the internal microphone to the lavalier microphone for audio recording of the podcast or video. A USB-C to USB-A adapter allows for greater compatibility of the XS Lav with more devices.

A complete and ultra-efficient shotgun microphone

If you prefer to attach a shotgun microphone to your camera or camera to add a good soundtrack to your video, Sennheiser is unveiling its MKE 400. It is particularly aimed at mobile journalists and videographers. The manufacturer promises a compact format for a ” ultra directional microphone with exceptional audio quality“. The whole thing must allow him to focus the recording on the voice of his subject by eliminating background noise by capturing the sound in the direction where the camera is looking.

Manfrotto tripod, smartphone clamp and MKE400 shotgun microphone

The Manfrotto tripod, the smartphone clamp and the MKE400 shotgun microphone // Gamesdone: Sennheiser

It is equipped with a headphone jack for monitoring with digital volume control (8 levels) and an automatic ON / OFF function. It features wind noise and handling noise protection with a reinforced shock mount and a built-in windshield that wraps around the mic. The microphone’s low-cut filter eliminates the low frequencies that are often problematic, whether due to the wind or the roaring of cars, air conditioners, etc.). Three sensitivity settings are available to adjust the level of the microphone input to your interlocutor. The MKE 400 also benefits from a low cut filter and three levels of sensitivity for settings.

The MKE 400 is sold with 3.5mm TRS and TRRS cables for compatibility with DSLR / M cameras and compatible mobile devices. Its attachment system to the accessory holder allows universal assembly to a pole, stabilizer or camera. Powered by two AAA batteries, the gun microphone announces an autonomy of approximately 100 hours in continuous sound recording. A signal warns you 3 hours before the end of the battery.

The micro-canon MKE 400

Le micro-canon MKE 400 // Gamesdone: Sennheiser

Ready-to-use kits for your smartphone

Sennheiser also has several Mobile Kits, accessory packs to transform your smartphone into an all-inclusive filming system. The MKE 200 Mobile Kit includes the compact MKE 200 shotgun microphone, a Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod with a Sennheiser clamp to fit your smartphone. It comes with two 3.5mm TRS and TRRS cables that can connect a DSLR / M camera or mobile device.

The MKE 400 Mobile Kit includes a Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod, the Sennheiser clamp and the two cables, all with a MKE 400 camera.

The Manfrotto tripod has a rotating base to lock in order to have the best position when held with one hand like a handle. Ideal for using it on the move.

Mobile kits with gun microphone

Mobile kits with gun microphone // Gamesdone: Sennheiser

The XS Lav USB-C Mobile Kit It also includes the tripod and the clamp, but it has the XS Lav USB-C wireless lavalier microphone from Sennheiser to record audio content for your podcasts or videos.

Finally, the XSW-D Portable Lav Mobile Kit adds, to the tripod and the clamp, the jack microphone as well as an additional TRS-TRRS cable with an attenuator (XSW-D cable) to optimize the sound pick-up of mobile devices. There are various accessories such as cables or clips to connect microphones to the kit, with a jack or USB-C / USB-A.

Sennheiser XSW-D Portable Lav mobile kit

The XSW-D Portable Kit Sennheiser Mobile // Gamesdone: Sennheiser

It is possible to add to the kits a câble CL 35 USB-C for connecting a smartphone or tablet with a USB-C port to an MKE 200 or 400 microphone. It is also compatible with the XSW-D Portable Lav Mobile Kit.

Prices and availability

The XS Lav Mobile lavalier microphone is 49 euros and its USB-C version at 59 euros.

The MKE 400 gun microphone is going to cost 199 euros.

The range of mobile kits with lavalier microphone

The range of mobile kits with lavalier microphone // Gamesdone: Sennheiser

The mobile kit including the Manfrotto tripod and the Sennheiser clamp is advertised at 49 euros, the XSW-D mobile cable at 19 euros while the CL 35 USB-C cable came individually at 29 euros.

The MKE 200 mobile kit will be sold at 129 euros, the MKE 400 kit at 229 euros. The XS Lav USB-C corded lavalier mobile kit is available at 99 euros. All of these products are on sale as of April 7.

The XSW-D Portable Lav mobile kit with the wireless lavalier microphone and its multiple accessories is priced at 329 euros. It will be available in May 2021.

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