Tuesday, October 27

Sending emails outside of business hours can cost you up to 6,000 euros

The right to digital disconnection includes penalties for sending work emails outside of working hours. Among the different measures that are being taken in the face of teleworking and the protection of workers is that they do not spend the day receiving notifications or emails. With the pandemic, many changes have occurred in the world of work and one of them has been the feeling of being continuously working. But this may change in the future and among the aspects that will be controlled by the Labor Inspectorate are emails outside of working hours that can cause fines between 626 and 6250 euros, according to Cinco Días. According to article 7.5 of the law of infractions of the social order, “the transgression of the norms and the legal or agreed limits regarding the day, night work, overtime, additional hours, breaks, vacations, permits, may be grounds for sanction. record of working hours and, in general, working time “. The way to prevent these emails from being a reason for sanction is for the company to have previously and justifiably clarified that the sending of these communications does not require reading or replying until the working day is over; that is, they can be ignored outside of business hours. Working from home is a good work-life balance measure, but it can also become an ordeal if you don’t know the right tools. Even so, it is still necessary to advance on this issue and detail all the necessary aspects so that both companies and workers can exercise their rights and know the legal framework to which they apply. We will see how this point is clarified, but if you have any work communication to do, it may be best to do it during working hours to avoid possible conflicts. In addition, it will surely be the healthiest for you too.


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