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Selfies, videos, GIFs … Google Photos wants to help you filter your images


Google Photos will help you find your way around your thousands of photos better by offering new search tools for more precise results.

IOS version of Google Photos brings some cool features for video editing

The iOS version of Google Photos brings some interesting features for video editing // Gamesdone: Frandroid

With the ease of taking photos on a smartphone, our storage spaces sometimes contain tens of thousands of photos, of which we only consult a tiny part in the end. But it is obviously when we have the memory of a very precise photo and that we are unable to find it that we remember the merits of the photo albums that we often struggle to create. virtually. And yet, they are a great help in finding your way around.

Google has understood this and is trying to fine-tune the Google Photos search engine over time. If you remember a photo of a bridge, just type “bridge” into the search engine to see all of the images with it appear (or pretty much). Likewise, if you had geolocated yourself, search for a location and voila. But this is sometimes a little too imprecise.

Better sort your selfies, videos or animated images

Jane Manchun Wong, an engineer specializing in upcoming feature tracking, discovered that Google Photos was working on a new search engine with filters. According to this, it will soon be possible to refine the results by adding new criteria to the usual possibilities.

Google Photos is working on search result refinement filters

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) April 14, 2021

It thus evokes the arrival of a means of selecting only selfies, videos, animated or archived photos. This is in addition to the first term typed in the search engine or in the place filters. Other filters could be gradually added.

Google never mentioned this new search tool. But we know that the firm recently tested additional filters for its Google Search search engine in order to better target the results for images.


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