Thursday, January 28

Seagate drops the price of its storage expansion card

Launched to accompany the new Xbox Series X | S consoles, the Seagate storage expansion card was mainly talked about for its high price. The brand has decided on a price adjustment that should delight players.

Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X | S // Gamesdone: Seagate

The arrival of the new generation of consoles is a blessing for the power, the possibilities and the sublime graphics. Less for storage space. Not a single model displays more than 1TB of storage as games will take up more and more space over time. It is therefore necessary to rely on additional storage in various forms.

Limited storage on consoles

For the PlayStation 5, limited to almost 665 GB of free space only, there is currently no additional solution, while waiting for the M.2 port for NVMe SSD to be activated. Xbox had planned the blow and partnered with Seagate to add a storage expansion card that has the same performance and execution speeds as the console’s internal SSD.

This made it possible to count 1TB of additional memory to that already integrated, but at a high cost: 269 euros in addition to the 299 euros of the Xbox Series S or 499 euros of the Xbox Series X. Enough to cringe the eager gamers add many games from Game Pass, including those from EA now available, to their library.

A tariff adjustment

Xbox and Seagate seem to have heard them. Microsoft announced on its store a price reduction of 20 euros. It is obviously not a Black Friday operation (which our good plans can be found here). The price of the expansion card is readjusted to 249.99 euros on the official website.

While there are other external storage options for the Xbox Series X | S like the WD_Black external hard drive (up to 12TB) from Western Digital, which comes with a two-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ( from 130 euros). It connects in USB 3.0, but requires a power supply.

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