Sunday, October 25

Scrolling tabs, the new feature of Google Chrome for Windows that you should try

Google is experimenting with a new function called “scrollable tabs”, which will make it easier for us to surf the Internet or work with the browser. If you are a user accustomed to using different browsers to surf the Internet and especially to work, you will have seen that when we open many tabs in Chrome they are compressed in size to such a limit that we cannot or appreciate them. If you have ever opened too many tabs in Chrome, as the size is reduced so much, it is impossible to even know which ones we have open when their favicon collapses, and that is a problem, until now. In fact Google is very concerned about it, because it recently launched the possibility of grouping all the tabs by creating a series of groups that we could freely rename, but in addition to that, they are working on the possibility of creating scrollable tabs and that has its positive but also negative points. Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers, but it can be even more so with these five extensions that will get the pages to load faster. Scrollable tabs is a feature that is available in Google Canary version 88.0.4284.0, and that can be activated through the flag called “Scrollable TabStrip”. In the stable version it is not yet available, but it could be soon. Its use is very simple and is that once we have several tabs open, instead of reducing the size as we open more, we can scroll through them using the mouse wheel. We can also scroll through the tabs using any of the side buttons, both the left arrow and the right arrow. This is a perfect feature if you do not want the different tabs to collapse, but the problem in this regard is that you will not have all the tabs at a glance and therefore you must remember very well the ones you have previously open.

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