Tuesday, October 27

Screenwriter Bob Gale doesn’t want a Back to the Future reboot or sequel

Screenwriter Bob Gale gives his reasons why he doesn’t want Back to the Future reboots or sequels. In this age increasingly plagued by reboots and sequels of the most legendary Hollywood films, it is surprising that no one has gotten their hands on the classic Back to the Future trilogy. And it is that for several years both its director Robert Zemeckis and its screenwriter Bob Gale have been very against seeing a new film in the franchise. Recently, the screenwriter for the Back to the Future trilogy explained his reasons why there shouldn’t be a sequel or reboot of the franchise, claiming that the original trilogy’s narrative is so special that trying to recreate the same success will inevitably alter its outcome and will be doomed to disappoint viewers. “The thing is, there are people who don’t understand about Back to the Future and what makes it really work. People say ‘Oh, let’s do a series of time travel.’ Well, okay, the travel series in the time are really difficult to carry out. Back to the Future works because it is the story of this family, and time travel is an element of it, but you are totally with those characters, “Bob Gale commented to Comic Book. Sign up for Disney + and enjoy one of the most extensive catalogs in the streaming scene, with sagas like Star Wars or Marvel. “It is a spectacular dramatization of a moment that every human being has in their life, which is the moment when we are children and suddenly we realize: ‘Oh my God, my parents were children too,'” Gale continued. “By the time you’re five or six, you look at your parents and they’re God-like figures, and they don’t get old, as far as you can see. They must have always been there, and then suddenly, when you’re seven, eight, nine years old, all of a sudden you start putting it together, ‘My parents were once children’. That’s the power of Back to the Future. It’s human things. It’s not the logistics of time travel because frankly, you look at a series of time travel, both things that they’ve done on television and things that they’ve done in comics, and they fall into the trap of using time travel as a plot mechanism. ” So, it seems that we will not have any sequels or reboots of Back to the Future (at least for now). However, fans were able to enjoy a kind of sequel to the franchise in the animated series that was made in the early 90s and in which Bob Gale collaborated. And recently a Back to the Future comic series was released that ties in closely with movie canon, so the spirit of the franchise is still present. This article was published in Hobby Consolas by José Carlos Pozo.


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