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Say goodbye to chores with the Neato Robotics D650 on sale on Amazon

Neato is one of the pioneers in the robot vacuum cleaner market. One of its flagship models, the D650, perfectly suited for the hair of our little animals for example, is currently on sale on Amazon. Initially offered at 559 euros, it is now available at 349 euros.

The American brand Neato does not have much to envy the iRobot Roomba or even Roborock ranges from Xiaomi. With its powerful robot vacuum cleaners, Neato has already delighted a host of customers, especially masters of little furballs. One of its models, the D650, is indeed perfectly suited for animal hair that accumulates on the floor. Usually offered at more than 500 euros, this vacuum robot fall below 350 euros thanks to a promotion.

In short

  • Its convenient D format for angles
  • Accessories dedicated to the suction of animal hair
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google assistants

Initially displayed at 559 euros, the Neato D650 robot vacuum is now available at 349 euros on Amazon.

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The Neato D650 robot vacuum adopts a ā€œDā€ format, characteristic of the brand’s models. This design makes it easier to vacuum up dust in the corners and along the walls of your home. In any case, this robot will adapt to all types of floors, whether you have tiles, parquet or carpet. But above all, the D650 comes with a brush specially designed for the suction of animal hair: it is much wider than conventional brushes, which allows to collect much more hair than usual.

In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner incorporates laser technology that allows you to accurately map your home, even in the dark, and thus to record the places where the robot has already passed. It will also be able to act for 2 hours without running out of battery. This will give it enough time to vacuum the entire house in one pass, if your home is medium in size though. When its battery is empty, the vacuum cleaner will go alone to its charging station, then resume its work if there are a few spots left to vacuum.

On the Neato app, you will be able to access the map of your house drawn by the robot, set prohibited zones and even program passages and activate it remotely. Let’s also add compatibility with Alexa and Google assistants, to control the device by voice.

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