Thursday, August 5

Save up to 60% on your bill with this Fiber / ADSL private sale

Does that tell you to save money on your Internet subscription bill? It is now possible thanks to this private Be Move sale in partnership with Bouygues Telecom, via the Bbox fit or the Bbox must, as desired!

You’ve come to the right place if you think you’re paying too much for your Fiber or ADSL subscription. Be Move is launching a new private sale until November 2, 2020 in partnership with Bouygues Telecom which will allow you to save up to 60% on your current bill.

In short

  • Choice between Bbox must or Bbox fit
  • For speeds up to 1 Gb / s
  • Not to mention ADSL if you are not eligible

To access the private sale, just click on this link, then enter your email address and you will discover the exclusive offers from Bouygues Telecom on this occasion.

Find out more 👇

The Bbox fit with Fiber offer is the most economical solution. It provides theoretical speeds of 300 Mb / s for downloading and 200 Mb / s for sending. Regarding the Bbox must offer, it allows for its theoretical downward speeds up to 1 Gb / s and theoretical amounts up to 400 Mb / s. Both are elsewhere compatible with Wi-Fi 5.

In both cases, there is a fixed telephone line with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France, as well as to landlines in more than 110 countries. The limit is set at 199 different correspondents, with an extra charge if you go beyond.

That being said, only the Bbox must internet box from Bouygues Telecom is accompanied by a TV decoder: the Bbox Miami 4K. Under Android TV with a home interface, it allows access to many applications such as Netflix, Spotify and many others. It also allows you to watch more than 180 television channels, with a function that allows you to return to the beginning of a program. We also note the presence of a storage space of 128 GB.

Our Fiber / ADSL comparator

To go further and compare these offers with the competition, we invite you now to consult our comparator of the best ADSL and Fiber offers of the moment.

Fiber, Cable

RED box Fibre

3 days

Flow up to 1 Gb/s

Without Player TV

Telephony to 100 destinations

ADSL, Fiber

Private sell

1 week

Flow up to 300 Mb / s

Without Player TV

Telephony to 110 destinations

Fiber, Cable

SFR Fiber

4 days

Flow up to 500 Mb / s

160 TV channels included

Telephony to 100 destinations

All internet boxes

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