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Samsung’s wireless charger now costs just 2.49 euros

Are you looking for a really cheap induction charger for your compatible devices? That of Samsung is undoubtedly the most economical of all being offered at only 2.49 euros at Boulanger.

The Samsung induction charger is used to promotions thanks to the ODR valid until the end of 2020 for fast and wireless charging accessories from the Korean brand. He therefore often negotiates between 1 and 5 euros depending on the offer, as is currently the case with a French reseller.

In short

  • A discreet design
  • QI certified for compatible devices
  • 10W Fast Charge for Samsung smartphones

Instead of 39.99 euros, Samsung’s wireless charger is displayed at 29.99 euros and then drops to 22.49 euros after a 25% discount when added to the basket on Boulanger. It ultimately comes down to only 2.49 euros after deducting the reimbursement of 20 euros linked to the ODR valid until December 31, 2020.

Note that the Samsung wireless external battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh is also on sale for less than 10 euros at Boulanger, via the same ODR and the same 25% discount in the basket.

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Samsung’s wireless charger has a low-profile design that makes it easy to blend into the decor when placed on a nightstand or desk. On the top, it has a small very practical grip area to prevent objects from sliding accidentally.

This base is obviously capable of recharging your devices in wireless mode, moreover up to 10 W for certain Samsung-stamped devices. Fast Charge is a proprietary protocol from the Korean brand available from the Galaxy S7 up to Note 20 Ultra. This also works for its connected objects, such as the Galaxy Watch Active for example. For all other Qi-certified devices, charging only goes up to a maximum of 5W.

In addition, the station will charge your device even if it is covered with a protective shell, provided that it does not exceed 5 mm in thickness. Finally, note that the Samsung base offers a USB-C connection, but no suitable cable is supplied with it.

For further

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