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Samsung’s surprising 27 “PC display is on sale


The Samsung Space Monitor is a UFO among PC screens. It is also suitable for teleworking and for gaming and it is now on sale at Fnac and Darty, going from 299 to 279 euros.

Whether it is for telecommuting or playing on a PC, it is important to choose the right equipment. Samsung’s Space Monitor is ideal for both, thanks to its articulated foot and features popular with gamers. Rarely on promotion, it is now lowering its price by 20 euros.

In short

  • 40% of free desktop space
  • Promotes multitasking for telecommuting
  • Ideal for gaming: WQHD, 144 Hz and FreeSync

Instead of 299 euros, the 27-inch Samsung Space Monitor screen is now available in promotion at 279 euros at Fnac and at Darty.

Note that the product is available via home delivery or Click & Collect.

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At first glance, Samsung’s Space Monitor offers a fairly classic design for a PC screen. There are fine borders all around its panel which extends over 27 inches, where the lower one is however a little thicker to accommodate some essential elements, such as an indicative LED or the touch zone to turn on and turn off the screen. or access the screen settings.

However, it will stand out by offering an articulated foot to adjust the height and positioning of the screen on your workspace. This allows it to adapt to your needs and to offer – once placed on the wall – a usable surface area up to 40% greater than that of a monitor with a conventional stand. It is ideal for teleworking, especially since the Samsung screen favors multitasking with its PBP (Picture-by-Picture) function to display two sources simultaneously, via the HDMI port and the MiniDisplay Port.

The Samsung screen does not forget PC gamers either with a Quad HD definition of 2560 x 1440 pixels (1440p) very popular for playing in good conditions. The refresh rate also goes up to 144 Hz, which means that the screen displays 144 frames per second for an impressive fluidity. In addition, the response time is only 4 ms: it is very fast. Finally, there is also compatibility with AMD FreeSync to avoid tearing, resulting in the reduction of distortion and jerky appearance of moving images.

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