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Samsung’s official website specifies the release

The deployment of the new Samsung One UI 3.0 interface should begin in November according to the official website of the brand. New functions have been unveiled.

Samsung One UI 3.0

Samsung One UI 3.0 // Gamesdone : Samsung

In recent years, the Samsung interface used on its Android devices called Samsung One UI has become one of our favorite interfaces. This is not a compliment to be taken lightly for the manufacturer who was once known for the abhorrent Touchwizz.

Since the presentation in September of Samsung One UI 3.0, we are therefore waiting for the start of the deployment of this new interface launched in conjunction with Android 11. It seems that the wait is coming to an end if we are to believe the site from Samsung.

Samsung One UI 3.0: release in November

Indeed, the official and French page of One UI now indicates the following sentence: “One UI 3 should be available from November 2020“. It is very explicit. Of course, it is difficult to know for the moment which will be the first devices to officially benefit from it. The beta was offered to the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra in South Korea and will likely be prioritized.

The official Samsung page also presents new products for the Galaxy Fold and Z Fold 2 range, as well as the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + tablets. Without too many surprises, these devices will also be affected by One UI 3.

The official page presents new features such as the new lock screen or changes to the notifications menu.

Samsung takes the opportunity to deploy some new features of its recent smartphones on the old ones. Thus the Galaxy Fold will recover the “double preview” function which allows a preview of the camera to be displayed for the photographer and the person photographed using the two screens of the device.

If Samsung plans to start deployment in November, we can imagine that the beta should begin very soon in Europe.

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