Tuesday, January 26

Samsung’s Galaxy S21: no headphones or charger

When Apple made the decision not to include headphones in the box of the new iPhone 12, It was several companies that directly or indirectly criticized the brand. Between them, Samsung Latin America, which published a tweet in which he made fun of Apple’s decision.

“Your Galaxy gives you everything you are looking for. From the most basic like the charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and 120 Hz screen ”.

However, it has been discovered, although it is still not entirely certain, that Samsung is also going to stop including the charger and headphones in the next Samsung Galaxy S21 O S30.

There will be three devices, Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra (or S30, S30 + and S30 Ultra). In all models, the boxes are not supposed to include the accessories we have mentioned. The devices will be accompanied by a USB-C cable, just like the iPhone brand models.

Galaxy S21 committed to the environment

It seems that the reason why the new Samsung models come without a charger or headphones is the same that encouraged the Apple brand to stop including them: respect for environment.

By not manufacturing these accessories, less plastic is produced, and, in addition, transport is optimized, since the boxes are smaller. The company chooses not to include these accessories, mainly because they are usually present in all homes.

It is curious that, in brands such as Samsung or iPhone, with high-end models, this option is chosen. The doubt about whether Samsung will include headphones and charger in its new models raises great curiosity among followers of the brand, and also, many criticisms, since the models are not cheap at all for not including such necessary elements as the charger.

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