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Samsung would finally maintain the release in the spring

The Galaxy Z Flip 2 would arrive in spring 2021. Compared to its predecessor, the new Samsung should be enriched with 5G connectivity from its launch and a secondary screen with more generous dimensions.

Here the Galaxy Z Flip first of the name, launched at the beginning of the year 2020

Here the Galaxy Z Flip first of the name, launched at the beginning of the year 2020 // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Were you expecting the Galaxy Z Flip 2 before summer 2021? Samsung should ultimately stick to it. While a rumor evoked last month a postponement of the next folding smartphone from Samsung for the end of next year, another information from the same source announces this time that the device would arrive well on time.

According to SamMobile, the Z Flip 2 would not be marketed at the same time as the Galaxy S21 (expected in January – a date a little early compared to Samsung’s habits), but rather in the spring. Last year, the Galaxy Z Flip was launched in February before being followed in August by a 5G compatible version.

Surprising improvements to expect

For the moment, the Galaxy Z Flip 2 is still very mysterious. The device should be equipped from its launch with a 5G modem and will take, logically, the concept of “flip smartphone” and horizontally folded screen that was successful with the first model.

On Twitter, American analyst Ross Young corroborates a spring launch for this new model and indicates that it is ” surprised by the improvements he will benefit from ».

The enlarged secondary screen

One of the possible novelties for this Z Flip 2 would be the addition by Samsung of a larger external screen for displaying notifications when the device is folded. This was one of the complaints made against the device with its 1.06-inch mini-screen which limited the possibilities once the smartphone was closed.

At least this is a track that the manufacturer has studied, enough to file a patent application on this subject; request identified and analyzed by the specialized site Let’sGoDigital, accustomed to dissecting these documents.

If the manufacturer still seems to be thinking about how to add this secondary screen with a little more generous dimensions, we also discovered that the back of the Z Flip 2 would no longer display two, but three photo sensors. We mentioned this new secondary screen a few months ago in a dedicated article.

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