Friday, October 30

Samsung would experiment with an S Pen-compatible Galaxy S21 and would also launch the Galaxy Note 21

Samsung intends to include stylus support in the Galaxy S21, while in the summer it would continue betting on a new launch of the Galaxy Note, although it could be the last of its range to be launched on the market. Samsung would have decided to continue with its two lines of traditional mobile phones by 2021, both with the launch of the Galaxy S21 and also with the Galaxy Note 21. Although it had been rumored that we would no longer have any Galaxy Note by 2021, South Koreans they would have backtracked and are preparing a hypothetical Galaxy Note 21 for launch next summer. In any case, it is likely that, this time, it was the last launch of the series. According to the South Korean media heraldcorp, Samsung will carry out two experiments next year with its large devices. From South Korea it is being considered that Samsung is preparing a sequential and staggered exit trying to absorb the customers of the Galaxy Note in the Galaxy S series. To do this, the company intends to add stylus support to the next Galaxy S21 5G and if it had a good reception, the Galaxy Note range would disappear, although from 2022. Nor can it be ruled out that Samsung includes some type of S Pen as standard with the Galaxy S21. It would also be necessary to see if all the models that are launched of the Galaxy S21 will be compatible with the stylus or only some particular model. Regardless of what Samsung does with the Galaxy S21, the Galaxy Note 21 would eventually be released in the summer, despite the latest rumors. Of course, according to the annual sales that are achieved throughout 2021, Samsung could completely forget about the Note 22 and concentrate its main features on the Galaxy S series.

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