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Samsung was working on Private Share, a secure blockchain-based file transfer

If the blockchain is mainly associated with the use of cryptocurrencies, its decentralized device also makes it possible to transfer files. Samsung would have tried this idea with a new dedicated application.

The Samsung Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20 // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Whether it’s preventing the collection of data by advertisers, protecting yourself from malicious hackers or escaping from overly curious intelligence agencies, there are plenty of reasons to protect your privacy. Today there are several turnkey secure mailboxes, as well as various end-to-end encrypted messaging services. Samsung wants to take care of the files.

What are the advantages for Private Share?

Sending confidential files, even as an attachment to an encrypted email, remains problematic. Once downloaded, it remains on the recipient’s machine or device and the sender has no control over it. Faced with this observation, Samsung intends to offer Private Share.

SamMobile, which reports the information, explains that these secure transfers can only be made through the Private Share application. Both parties will therefore need to have it on their phone. Samsung will add several options to it to obtain better control.

Thus, the sender of a message will be able to assign an expiration date for viewing a file. After this, the document will disappear from the recipient’s phone. Also, the recipient will not be able to take a screenshot of the file.

To ensure secure transfers, Samsung would opt for a decentralized blockchain-based model. Moreover, for its Galaxy S10, the company had already introduced a cryptocurrency wallet.

An exclusive for the Galaxy S21?

Samsung is expected to announce its new smartphones from the Galaxy S21 range in January. It is therefore a safe bet that these are delivered with the Private Share application. It remains to be seen whether Samsung will make it an exclusive service or whether the brand’s other terminals will also be able to benefit from it.

It is also possible that Samsung will present Private Share as a feature reserved for companies and coming to settle alongside Knox.

Users interested in the concept, but wishing to find an alternative can turn to the application Axel Go also relying on blockchain for file sharing. At BitTorrent, with Resilio Sync, we have been working for years on a similar decentralized approach, however based on the peer-to-peer protocol.

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