Thursday, January 28

Samsung to welcome Google’s Nest products to SmartThings

Starting next month, it will be easier to control products in the Nest range and enroll them in scenarios on the SmartThings platform

SmartThings + Nest

Samsung announces that it has signed an agreement with Google to integrate products from the Nest range into its SmartThings platform. This opens the door to more interoperability.

SmartThings, towards a universal platform

In the connected objects sector, there are several applications offering to bring together the products of various manufacturers. This makes it possible to offer a centralized hub for the management of its smart devices, whether they are bulbs, sockets, household appliances or connected speakers.

With its SmartThings platform, Samsung proposes to go a little further by making it possible to create scenarios and interconnect all the objects to make them communicate on different standards. Starting next year, it will be possible to include devices from Google’s Nest line in the loop.

Samsung intends to create a universal IoT platform. In a way, it’s a bit like the IFTTT service for connected objects. At present, the Korean manufacturer is said to be working with 180 certified companies and has 63 million active users. Recently, Samsung signed with Mercedes.

Integration providing more flexibility

In a statementSamsung reports that it will be possible to adjust a Nest thermostat, camera or doorbell through the SmartThings platform. If you already use the app to take control of your various objects, from January 2021, Google Nest will also be there.

This means that high-end products like Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator, which has an Android tablet on the front door, could display the feed from a Nest outdoor camera.

This interoperability will also make it possible to deport the control of connected objects from Nest directly to a compatible Samsung TV.

In addition, Google products can be added in scenes preprogrammed by users. From the SmartThings app, for example, it will be possible to control the Nest thermostat according to the temperature, activate a camera when leaving the home or turn on the exterior lights when returning from a trip by being geolocated close to home. .

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