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Samsung still seeks to ridicule Apple without learning from its mistakes


In the United States, Samsung is running ads comparing the Galaxy S21 Ultra to the iPhone 12 Pro Max in yet another attempt to humiliate Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in hand and seen from the back

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in hand, seen from the back // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Samsung vs Apple. It has been several years since the two companies left behind their long and torturous legal battles. In fact, in many ways they even tend to collaborate, with the former often delivering components by the latter. However, the conflicts of the past unfortunately leave some marks, especially at Samsung US.

New Galaxy vs iPhone ads

The American branch of the South Korean brand has often been noted for its advertising campaigns openly mocking Apple iPhones to promote Galaxy smartphones. The overseas subsidiary has just offered us a new example of this aggressive communication strategy. Samsung US has indeed published advertising spots highlighting the photo prowess of the Galaxy S21 Ultra against the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

« Upgrading your smartphone shouldn’t be a downgradeSamsung says in its advertisements. So in a video, we can see two photos of the Moon. The one captured with the iPhone 12 Pro Max does not nicely distinguish the satellite from the Earth. We just see a white and troubled spot accompanied by the words ” Sufficient?“. The snapshot of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, taken with the x100 zoom, conversely allows the Moon to be immortalized much more effectively.

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So understand that, in this ad, Apple’s product is portrayed as a degradation of the user experience. Same story in another video where the 108 megapixel sensor of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is in the spotlight and manages to save many more details on the photo of the sandwich used for the example.

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Admittedly, assuming that there were no small arrangements with reality, these two Samsung advertisements seem to succeed in their mission: to show that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is a better choice in photos than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, in addition to being toxic, this method of communication has proven time and time again that it does not work and that it can be a double edged sword.

A bad and futile strategy

Why toxic? Because this kind of advertising tends to further widen the gap between Apple users and Samsung users and more generally Android. By reading some comments right to left on the web, especially on social networks, the user will realize to what extent fans of the apple and those of the green bugdroid can insult each other in all directions for the simple reason of not like the same OS and the same products.

Fortunately, in thereal life, the debates are less heated – at least we hope so – but by conveying this kind of message, Samsung US is not cleaning up conversations. Smartphone brands already look like football teams enough, no need to add fuel to the fire.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra module photo

The photo module of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

This strategy is also ineffective, as it never really affected Apple. The firm continues to sell a plethora of iPhones every year and to retain its community of consumers around its ecosystem. Counterpoint Research figures for the first quarter of 2021 once again prove Apple’s overwhelming position.

Samsung may shake heaven and earth with its ads and social media posts, but that’s not how it will persuade apple-happy people to go and see if the grass is greener elsewhere. For these people, weed just tastes better at Apple.

Samsung has already regretted some mockery

Finally, Samsung US proves above all that it does not learn from its mistakes. The American subsidiary is not at its first attempt. After removing the jack port and marketing smartphones with notch – like Apple – the company had seen fit to laugh at the apple about the removal of the charger from the boxes of iPhone 12 shortly after their officialization.

Except that the Galaxy S21 are not delivered with the charge unit either. This forced Samsung US to remove its mocking posts. Going for the watered sprinkler is never very good for the brand image …

The iPhone 12 Pro Max with its three photo sensors and its LiDAR sensor

The iPhone 12 Pro Max with its three photo sensors and its LiDAR sensor // Gamesdone: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

Going back to the advertisements comparing the photo capabilities of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung should not a priori have to delete these videos in the future. Let’s just say that it would be good for such an important brand to gain enough confidence in itself to learn to praise the merits of its products without feeling obligated to belittle the competitors.

Finally, it is important to specify that Samsung France is showing more subtlety in its communication and that our criticisms really focus on the American branch. Discussions that we have had in the past with Samsung France really show a different communication strategy between the two branches.


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