Sunday, April 11

Samsung reportedly working on a foldable double-hinged smartphone

Internal sources report a double-hinged phone that folds out to tablet format. This could be unveiled before the end of the year and would come in addition to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, scheduled for July.

Samsung hinted last week that it would skip the Galaxy Note this year due to component shortages. On the other hand, the brand seems to be working on another device, taking inspiration from the design of the Galaxy Z Fold. This would offer a tablet format while fitting in a pocket, thanks to a double-hinged design.

A 16: 9 tablet

Anonymous sources working for Samsung and the Korean mobile industry tell Japanese daily Nikkei of a foldable double-hinged device. The latter could be announced before the end of the year. It would rely on existing patents to create a tablet in 16: 9 format when fully unfolded. This would be much more practical than the screen format currently offered on the Galaxy Z Fold, especially for watching videos or playing games.

This new device would complement the existing range and add to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is expected to be announced in July. At this point, no official information has been released by Samsung regarding this device. It is not even certain that this would be a phone, strictly speaking, or even if it will actually be marketed. It is nevertheless appreciable that the brand continues to innovate and explore new device formats.

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