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Samsung removes ads where it made fun of Apple and iPhone 12 without charger

As was expected, Samsung seems to regret the ads where the company made fun of the lack of a charger with the iPhone 12. And for good reason, the Galaxy S21 should also ignore the accessory.

Samsung is not at its first attempt

Samsung is not at its first attempt

Like every year, Apple’s announcement of the new iPhone caused a lot of noise. This year, it was obviously the removal of the charger (and headphones outside of France) that generated a lot of debate. Indeed, citing ecological reasons, Apple has decided to no longer provide the charger with its iPhone 12 range and in general, with its new mobile products.

Samsung had then, stupidly, jumped at the opportunity to make fun of Apple on social networks by making fun of a Galaxy integrated “whatever you are looking for“, and even “something as basic as a charger ».

But now, Samsung has finally decided to follow Apple’s decision and should, in all likelihood, no longer provide a charger with its next smartphones, starting with the range of flagship Galaxy S21. As a result, the firm quickly deleted the ads and messages on social networks where it was making fun of Apple.

Samsung still regrets its comparative ads

This is not the first time that Samsung has lent itself to this little game. When the iPhone X came out, the brand decided to make fun of the notch on the front of the smartphone. There too she had ended up removing these advertisements when she had decided to adopt the notch in turn, even if it was much thinner on the Galaxy range. Samsung also made fun of the lack of a jack port, before removing it in turn from the Galaxy Note 10.

This allowed us to write “Samsung will bite its fingers once againAs soon as the ad mocking the iPhone 12 was published, because Samsung’s abandonment of the charger already seemed predictable. Of course, we will have to wait for the presentation of the Galaxy S21 to have a definitive answer, but the possibility seems more and more likely.

Samsung is a tech giant and a brand that knows how to drive the market, just like when it did when it launched the first Galaxy Note, long before the iPhone got bigger, popularizing the use of OLED screen on smartphone, or by being among the first to launch a foldable smartphone more recently. The brand should not stoop to such mockery, especially if it intends to follow one of its direct competitors.

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