Tuesday, May 18

Samsung QLED TVs ready for the new consoles are on sale

Between the arrival of new consoles and re-containment, having a good TV at home is even more tempting. Fnac and Darty indeed offer a wide range of Samsung QLED televisions on promotion, and in particular those with HDMI 2.1 ports, which go very well with the new consoles.

The release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X is imminent. To fully benefit from it, the purchase of an HDMI 2.1 compatible television is recommended. Indeed, it is with this standard that it is possible to play up to 4K and / or up to 120 images per second. A feat of which the new consoles are theoretically capable.

Fnac and Darty are offering significant discounts on several televisions equipped with HDMI 2.1 ports. Discounts to which it is possible to add an additional ODR: that of the Samsung Blue Week. For another week, Samsung offers a refund of purchases of some of its products in the form of an ODR:

  • 10% of the device price is refunded for the purchase of an eligible Samsung product purchased;
  • 15% of the total is refunded for the purchase of 2 qualifying Samsung products purchased;
  • 20% of the total is refunded for the purchase of 3 qualifying Samsung products purchased.

Find all the details of Samsung Blue Week at this address, as well as all eligible products.

The Samsung QE55Q95T (55 ″) with a Q60T soundbar is 1529 euros (after ODR)

The Samsung Q95T TV is one of the best 4K benchmarks of the year. With its QLED technology, this 55-inch TV is very versatile: excellent image quality, powerful image processing, high brightness and a refresh rate that can go up to 120 Hz. It also offers a game mode that reduces the time. latency less than 10ms. A very good score for a television. Finally, on the design side, this television has the One Connect remote box which allows all the necessary connections to be made out of sight. Thanks to it, there is only one single cable that comes out of the television.

The Samsung S95T is priced at 1799 euros on the Fnac website, or an immediate discount of 200 euros. You can also enjoy a free Samsung HW-Q60T soundbar by adding it to the cart. To top it off, you can benefit a reimbursement of 179 euros as part of la Samsung Blue Week. The total therefore comes to 1529 euros after ODR.

The Samsung QE55Q83T (55 ″) is at 1079 euros (after ODR)

For smaller budgets, the Samsung Q83T TV is also a great model. It sits in the range just below the Q95T, and these two models share a good deal of their specs: image processing processor, design, image quality, refresh rate at 120 Hz, HDMI 2.1 port, etc. Among the few differences is a lesser amount of backlight areas on the Samsung Q83T, which slightly decreases HDR performance. The viewing angles are also a little worse, and the One Connect smart box is missing. Details, because overall the Samsung Q83T is an excellent TV that allows you to enjoy a very good QLED panel at a much more affordable price.

The Samsung QE55Q83T (55-inch) TV is currently on sale for 1199 euros, or an immediate discount of 300 euros. In addition, you can also benefit from a 10% refund offer during Samsung Week, which lowers its price by an additional 119 euros. In total this excellent television is found at 1079 euros after ODR.

The Samsung 65Q800T (65 ″) TV at 2,699 euros (after ODR)

If for you the purchase of a Samsung TV is a real investment in time, it may be worthwhile to turn to an 8K model. This is for example the case with this Samsung 65Q800T television, which also benefits from a QLED panel. It has the same high-end specs as the Q95T, but in 8K definition. To take full advantage of it, the Q800T has a processor that enables 8K image processing. That is to say, it will improve the definition of images from a 4K or Full HD source for example by upscalant. The broadcast image will therefore be of excellent quality, regardless of the source. Finally, the presence of HDMI 2.1 ports still makes it possible to enjoy new consoles and games in 4K at 120 frames per second.

The 65-inch Samsung 65Q800T television is currently on sale on the Fnac website, with a significant immediate discount of 1000 euros. Its price thus increases to 2,999 euros, from which you can deduce Samsung’s 10% cashback offer. Finally, it costs 2699 euros, or 1300 euros less than its original price.

The Samsung QE65Q950TS TV at 4,049 euros (after ODR) with a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra offered

The Samsung QE65Q950TS 8K TV is pretty much the top of the line at Samsung. This TV benefits from a greater number of backlight zones than the one shown above, which allows it to reach a very high maximum brightness perfect for HDR content. Finally, it takes advantage of the excellent One Connect remote box, to make all its connections hidden in a cabinet for example.

Samsung QE65Q950TS TV also benefits a large immediate discount of 1500 euros. And here too you can deduce a 10% refund. Finally, the Samsung QE65Q950TS TV costs 4049 euros after ODR. Better yet, with any purchase of this TV you can enjoy a free Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra worth 1359 euros. To benefit from it, you just have to fill out this ODR.

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