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Samsung PCs can now send SMS directly on Windows 10


Samsung released its texting app on the Microsoft Store, allowing owners of branded computers to send and receive text messages on their PCs.

The Samsung Messaging app on the Microsoft Store

The Samsung Messaging application on the Microsoft Store // Gamesdone: Frandroid

For several years now, Microsoft and Samsung have been friends like pigs. The Korean manufacturer has indeed integrated many programs of the American publisher in its smartphones and Microsoft is taking full advantage of this partnership to develop a more powerful ecosystem between Android and Windows 10.

It seems that the two groups are not close to restricting their partnership. As discovered by the Aggiornamenti Lumia Twitter account, spotted by XDA Developers, the Microsoft Store now hosts the Samsung Messaging application. It is neither more nor less than the SMS application of Samsung smartphones, but carried on a computer.

Samsung Messaging https://t.co/R2Qiy78EUy pic.twitter.com/7suHQi5x6o

– Lumia updates (@ALumia_Italia) February 26, 2021

The description of the application sheet allows you to discover some details: “Samsung Messaging can send and receive SMLS. The Microsoft People application can send SMS to your contact’s phone number ». As a reminder, Microsoft People is the contact management application of the American publisher.

Use still limited to a few PCs

Concretely, it therefore seems that Samsung Messaging is able to use the Microsoft People address book to display the list of contacts, then send an SMS directly, without going through a smartphone as is the case for the version Google Messages Web for example. This is explained by the fact that the application is only compatible with computers themselves connected in 4G or 5G. Samsung does indeed give a rather restricted list of compatible computers: the Galaxy Tab Pro S, the Galaxy Book 10.6 LTE, the Galaxy Book 12 LTE, the Galaxy Book 2 and the NT930QCA, which could in fact be the Galaxy Flex 2 5G.

For the time being, the use of the Samsung Messaging application therefore seems limited to say the least. This is all the more the case in France where Samsung stopped marketing its laptops a few years ago. Note, however, that it is already possible to send SMS from a Windows PC via a Samsung smartphone, thanks to the Your Phone application. The application is also more advanced in its compatibility with Korean phones than with those of other brands, since it also allows you to enjoy Android applications directly on your computer.


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