Tuesday, April 13

Samsung denies insistent rumors

On condition of anonymity, a Samsung official formally denies the rumors surrounding the end of the Galaxy Note range.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Will Samsung’s Galaxy Note line disappear in 2021? This is what sources close to the subject claim, relayed by two reputable media, for several weeks on a recurring basis. A theory also supported by the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra should be compatible with the S-Pen stylus and therefore finish removing one of the last specificities of the Note range.

Today Wednesday December 16, 2020, the Yonhap press agency publishes a denial. The news agency is the largest in South Korea and a sort of equivalent of our AFP. It is therefore a more than renowned source.

A Galaxy Note in preparation for 2021

Unfortunately, this is still not a firm denial to which we are entitled. Indeed, Yonhap publishes a denial of a source working at Samsung who wished to remain anonymous. She says that “we are preparing the release of a Galaxy Note range next year ».

The news agency recalls that the head of the mobile division of Samsung Roh Tae-moon implied in an article that the next Galaxy S would be compatible with the S-Pen stylus. But for the anonymous source, this implication “does not mean the Galaxy Note range will be discontinued ».

The denial is given with great confidence, but without being able to verify the level of responsibility of this anonymous source, it is difficult to assess whether or not it may be aware of a change in strategy that would end the commercialization of the Galaxy Note in 2021.

In addition to the Galaxy S21 range, Samsung would prepare no less than four foldable smartphones for the year 2021. It is difficult to predict how the company will succeed in finding a place for each smartphone in its calendar if it is to maintain the Galaxy Note range in addition . Unless of course one of these foldable smartphones is actually the future Galaxy Note.

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