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Samsung could launch five foldable smartphones in 2021

While we expect the Galaxy S21 for the month of January, the Galaxy Z Flip 2 could be delayed until spring. And Samsung’s foldable smartphone might not be the only one to fold this year. The South Korean press announces three possible new models.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip

The Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip // Gamesdone: Frandroid

The start of 2021 should be placed under the sign of Samsung. The South Korean group is supposed to present its next Galaxy S21 (or S30, the name is not official) in January, much earlier than in previous years. And this time around, there should be no foldable smartphones with them.

According to the South Korean specialized site The Elec, the arrival of the next Galaxy Z Flip 2 would even be postponed to the second quarter of 2021 to make room for the Galaxy S range, from which three different products are expected. This corresponds to recent rumors that ruled out any presence of a foldable smartphone at the first event Unpacked from Samsung and to prevent the Galaxy S from being eclipsed by foldable models, as has been the case for the past two years. Last year, the Galaxy Z Flip was even released before the Galaxy S20.

2021, the year of the democratization of the foldable

During the presentation of its third quarter results, the world number one smartphone dropped a little sentence that says a lot about the firm’s projects in 2021: “the popularization of foldable smartphonesWill be the strategy for next year. “It’s not a big part of total sales, but sales of foldable smartphones will increase every year.“, Prophesies Lee Jong-min, director of the planning team of the commercial division of Samsung Electronics.

And according to The Elec, it is not just two new Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold that we should see arriving, but five models of foldable smartphone. Three new flexible screen versions are thus expected. It has been known for years that Samsung is working on at least six different designs of folding devices, some would finally see the light of day. “The successors of the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold will be final. Among the foldable smartphones under development, three new types will be added», Explains an industry source to Korean media.

More models and not necessarily with a screen to unroll like what the competition is preparing, but above all, Samsung should offer a wider price range. If the Galaxy Z Flip has seen its price drop over the months, it was initially sold at 1,500 euros, significantly cheaper than the more than 2,000 euros needed for the Galaxy Z Fold. It is rumored that, among the next foldable smartphones, Samsung would nevertheless have a product finally affordable.

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