Tuesday, October 20

Samsonite joins Google’s Jacquard project and presents a smart backpack with gesture control

Samsonite designs a smart backpack with Jacquard, Google’s connected clothing and accessories project. It can be controlled by voice and gestures. The Jacquard project has been at Google for more than five years. It seeks to turn fashion garments and accessories into connected and intelligent objects with which to interact. Sweatshirts, backpacks, bags and sneakers are part of this initiative. Brands such as Adidas, Saint Laurent or Levis have contributed to the project to which Samsonite is now joining with the Konnect-i backpack. At first glance it is an ordinary computer backpack, but with the Jacquard chip it offers a whole series of actions and controls. The design is simple, black, you can choose two sizes. Nothing suggests that it is a backpack with so much technology and that is the idea, that you do not see what it hides. Only one detail gives it away, on one of the handles it has white bands with sensors to detect gestures and activate the chip created by Google. The Jacquard chip connects to the backpack and links it to the phone via Bluetooth using the Jacquard Google app. In addition, the chip has a small LED light that is visible to the naked eye on the outside of the backpack and whose function is to warn of the arrival of notifications and other warnings. With certain strokes on the left handle bands, the chip receives commands such as answering a call, indicating the direction on a route without having to look at the map on the mobile, control the music or take a photo. For the rest, it is a backpack with a multitude of pockets, to carry the computer, the charger, a tablet and much more. It has up to three different pockets and a small front and a side one for notebooks, food, bottles. It even has a small top pocket for small items like glasses or pens. The Samsonite Konnect-i backpack is now available at the official Samsonite store. Its price ranges from 199.99 euros for the Slim version, somewhat smaller, and 299.99 euros for the standard version.


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