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Rivian lowers price to better compete with Tesla

The American manufacturer Rivian has revealed in detail the prices and release dates of its R1T electric pickup. The one that was initially supposed to start at $ 69,000 sees its price drop to $ 67,500, with the intermediate battery configuration. Another even less expensive finish should also see the light of day.

Rivian R1T

Rivian caused a sensation in November 2018 after lifting the veil on two electric vehicles with great ambitions: the R1T pickup and the R1S SUV, both destined to compete with Tesla vehicles. At the time, the American manufacturer was counting on expensive price schedules, ranging between 69,000 dollars (approximately 58,000 euros HT) for the basic version and around 100,000 dollars (approximately 85,000 euros HT) for the most advances.

Tariff adaptation

Except that Tesla has meanwhile introduced its famous pick-up whose aggressive prices set for the entry and mid-range forced Rivian to change his plans. This is why the company has lowered the prices of its R1T vehicle, reports the specialized site. Electrek, which details the finishes, equipment and prices of each version offered.

Rivian R1T

In total, three variants make up the offer: the Launch Edition, the Adventure and the Explore. For each of them, several battery configurations will be offered, said the manufacturer two years ago : 105 kWh, 135 kWh and 180 kWh, for a respective range of 370, 482 and 643 kilometers. Today, only the intermediate version seems to be affected by the announcements. Here are its prices and release dates.

Model Launch Edition Adventure Explore
Price 75 000 $ 75 000 $ 67 500 $
Exit June 2021 January 2022 January 2022

With a price starting at 67,500 dollars (about 57,000 euros HT), it is clear that Rivian has changed his mind by lowering the final cost of his vehicle. Because this intermediate version will welcome at its side a basic version necessarily more affordable, which could considerably move away from the minimum 69,000 dollars announced two years ago.

Rivian R1S

We also know the finishes and prices of the electric SUV R1S

Regarding the different finishes, the Lauch Edition stands out with a special green colourway, eponymous interior badges as well as 20-inch off-road wheels or 22-inch sports wheels of your choice, free of charge. The Adventure variant benefits from heated vegan leather seats, ash wood or an immersive Rivian Elevation 360 ° audio system with removable Bluetooth speaker.

What is an SUV R1s du?

The less expensive of the three, the Explore offers matte black finishes throughout the cabin, classic immersive sound and also heated seats. Note that all the elements presented in this article also applies to the SUV R1S, whose prices and release date differ slightly (see table below). On the other hand, the finishes remain unchanged compared to its cousin R1T.

Model Launch Edition Adventure Explore
Price 77 500 $ 77 500 $ 70 000 $
Exit August 2021 January 2022 January 2022

More generally, the R1T in its intermediate version directly competes with the Cybertruck Dual Motor with regard to its range of 482 kilometers. But it is still much more expensive – to the tune of $ 18,500. It will be interesting to observe the price positioning of the entry level which will have a lot to do to put sticks in the wheels of the Californian group.

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