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Ring presents a wired video doorbell for less than 60 euros


A specialist in connected doorbells, Ring is expanding its catalog with a new affordable product. The Ring Video Doorbell Wired is a wired model that incorporates the characteristics of home video doorbells, but at an ultra low price.

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The connected video doorbells market continues to swell and references are piling up. It is sometimes difficult to see clearly among products sold from single to triple, even quadruple, with functionalities in all directions, options or not. And the actors multiply with Netatmo which released its solution and even Arlo, with a model which is triggered even before being touched.

A specialist in the sector, Ring has added its stone to the structure with a product that returns almost to the fundamentals, and which complements an already well-supplied repertoire.

The Amazon-owned company introduced the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, “its smallest bell connected“. The format is not mistaken: the newcomer takes the lines of its predecessors with its neat rectangular design and its central illuminated button to activate.

Ring features at a low price

This doorbell is connected by cable and you can communicate with your visitor by voice while seeing who is ringing at your door. She also offers the main features of the brand: 1080p HD video with night vision; motion detection with customizable zones; privacy zones. The doorbell is obviously compatible with the voice assistant Alexa.

Ring's wired video doorbell attaches easily

Ring’s wired video doorbell is easy to attach // Gamesdone: Ring

Some options are available with the Ring Protect subscription such as advanced motion detection from a certain distance that triggers camera recording and alerts you. The subscription also allows you to have a preview of 6 seconds of the scene in the event of an alert triggered. You can also adjust the notifications according to the detection models (individuals only, animals, noises…). The Ring Protect Plan is offered for 30 days.

But what is equally surprising is the price of the Video Doorbell Wired. It is displayed at only 59 euros when the Video Doorbell 3, the most popular model, is sold at 199 euros. But the latter offers a Wi-Fi connection and probably better motion detection. The Video Doorbell Elite is offered at 399 euros.

The Video Doorbell Wired should be available soon.

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