Wednesday, June 23

Ring Doorbells and Cameras Now Act as Concierge

The brand’s products have just been enriched with three smart features allowing them to interact with your visitors.

Ring has democratized the connected doorbell with its Video Doorbell since its release in 2014. The brand has continued to innovate with the addition of new features and has just further improved its products. These now allow you to let Alexa respond to guests for you, read pre-recorded messages and alert an intruder that they are being filmed.

Alexa Greetings

Ring Video Doorbell Pro purchased after 2017 now includes Alexa, which will be happy to answer your guests for you. The virtual assistant can thus inform visitors that you are absent and invite them to leave a message, or interact with them in more depth. For example, it can ask a delivery person if the package can be left without signature and tell him where to drop it off, if necessary.

Unfortunately, this feature requires a Ring Protect subscription and only works with the most expensive product in the line. It does seem promising, however, even if it might confuse your guests at first.

Quick responses

The rest of the Ring lineup, with the exception of the Video Doorbell Wired, has a new feature to play canned responses from a selection of six. They are not as customizable and only include standard phrases like “We cannot respond at this time” or “Please leave the package outside. They are, however, much more accessible, since they do not require an additional subscription.

The visitor also has the option of leaving a message, which you can watch in real time. If you have a Ring Protect subscription, you can also find them in your history.

Movement alerts

Most security cameras and smart doorbells are able to alert you when they detect motion. However, it is up to you to decide what to do once notified.

The majority of the Ring range can now take care of this for you, by informing a potential intruder that it is being monitored and filmed by your connected object.

No release date yet in France

Although these new products are already available in the United States, Ring has not yet announced availability for France. Alexa Greetings seeming particularly advanced, we could have to wait several months before benefiting from it.

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