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In the era of all RGB and extravagant features, we invite you to discover the Corsair Saber Pro mouse, a mouse that plays the card of simplicity with a very attractive price.

Corsair Saber Pro - Test complet

Gamesdone: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

After a half hearted test of the K65 Mini, we find Corsair for a full test of the mouse gamer Saber Pro. The proposal here is a little different since this mouse does not intend to revolutionize the genre, but simply to offer everything a demanding player expects. Accompanied by an RGB version, this “Pro” iteration is very clearly aimed at the world of eSports.

Simplistic design, absence of RGB lighting and high performance, here is what awaits us with this new model offered at very low price of 54.90 euros. Winning formula? Answer in this full review of the Corsair Saber Pro mouse.

Simply ergonomic

Corsair has therefore played the card of simplicity on this new mouse. The hull of the Saber Pro is thus entirely made of a hard plastic which also seems rather resistant. This shell is particularly solid and no cracking is felt. It is a real success on this point.

Corsair Sabre Pro

The Saber Pro offers a very ergonomic shape // Gamesdone: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

The ergonomic shape of the mouse logically calls for a full-hand grip (palm grip), but the mouse can also be used with your fingertips (fingertip). The mouse slips in a very natural way in the palm of the hand thanks to its domed shape and the slight curvature of its frame. If the whole is therefore very comfortable, this shape does not offer much freedom as to the placement of the hand and obviously excludes left-handers.

Corsair Sabre Pro

The mouse is positioned naturally in the palm of the hand // Gamesdone: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

The two main clicks, slightly concave, are here separated from the rest of the chassis in order to provide better responsiveness. On this point, we have nothing to complain about since the click is perfectly marked and therefore very responsive while avoiding being too noisy.

The wheel installed between the two main buttons offers slightly marked notches and a click a little too hard for our taste. We would have preferred to benefit from more marked clicks and a less firm click which would have brought a hint of responsiveness to this wheel. Pity.

Corsair Sabre Pro

The buttons are well separated and responsive // ​​Gamesdone: Edoaurd Patout for Frandroid

The Saber Pro has two additional buttons located on your left edge. These are perfectly positioned and thus fall under the thumb without any particular effort. We appreciate here their good reactivity with a click that is neither too soft nor too firm.

A quick glance under the mouse lets us see the optical sensor as well as an indication LED associated with a button. This allows you to navigate between the different levels of sensitivity available in the profile during use of the mouse. Each of the stages is thus associated with a color making it easier to know on which sensitivity the mouse is positioned.

Corsair Sabre Pro

Gamesdone: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

This new model has 4 rather wide pads which should give it a good glide on most surfaces. On the connectivity side, the Saber Pro is equipped with a mesh USB cable of approximately 1.80 m. The latter would have benefited from being a little more flexible since it is not as easily forgotten as those used by some competitors.

Corsair Sabre Pro

Gamesdone: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

No big surprises when it comes to the design and general ergonomics of this new Corsair Saber Pro. We take advantage here of a mouse with a simplistic design, but overall comfortable, as long as you appreciate the grip palm grip. The construction is also solid despite the light weight of the field mouse which does not exceed 69 grams. A strong argument (do you have it?) That could be important at stake.

A facelift for Corsair iCue

We already told you about it during our test of the K65 Mini, the Corsair iCue pilot has benefited from a major update. The interface has been completely revised and all the features now find their place in a much more modern and practical setting.

Corsair iCue - Saber Pro

Regarding the Saber Pro, we can obviously reassign the buttons of the latter with different functions. Keyboard keys, Windows shortcuts or macro, the possibilities are very numerous.

In the same way, it is possible to set up to 5 different sensitivity levels as well as to activate the interrogation frequency at 8000 Hz, which we also found on the K65 Mini. Corsair also offers surface calibration to improve sensor tracking depending on the mat. It is unfortunately difficult to say if this really changes anything in use.

Corsair iCue - Saber Pro

As always, the settings can be saved in profiles that we will associate with our games and applications. The mouse also has an internal memory which allows these profiles to be stored there so as not to be dependent on the software.

Flawless performance

Always in the idea of ​​satisfying the most demanding gamers, Corsair has equipped the Saber Pro with a PixArt PMW3392 optical sensor. The latter is able to withstand accelerations of 50 G, with a speed of 450 IPS and a sensitivity that can go up to 18,000 DPI. On paper, it is quite simply the best available today.

Corsair Sabre Pro

Gamesdone: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

In practice, we benefit here from a mouse perfectly cut for the intensive use for which it was designed. Tracking showed no signs of weakness during our gaming sessions where the mouse was used at a sensitivity of 800 DPI. In any case, today it is very difficult to catch a faulty mouse, so much the manufacturers master their subject.

In the same way, the distance of the release of the sensor is well measured and allows a repositioning of the mouse without involuntary movements of the cursor. This characteristic will be particularly sought after by players using their mouse with low sensitivity and in games that are very demanding in terms of mouse movement.

Corsair Sabre Pro

Gamesdone: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

Note also that the main clicks offer, as indicated at the beginning of the article, very good responsiveness. This allows in particular a better control of shots on games like Call Of Duty or Counter-Strike for example. It’s also possible to boost its performance even further by dropping the tracking frequency to 8000Hz, but only the most seasoned gamers can, in our opinion, feel a difference. This possibility, offered by Axon technology, makes it possible to obtain better latency and is therefore mainly intended for professional players.

Corsair therefore makes no concessions either with regard to the performance of its new Saber Pro, which is perfectly in line with the eSport spirit of the mouse. In use, its weight of just 69 grams puts it in the ultralight mouse category, which is very popular at the moment. The mouse is therefore very pleasant to use and its weight means that it is quickly forgotten.

Price and availability of the Corsair Saber Pro mouse

The Corsair Saber Pro mouse is available at the suggested price of 54.90 euros.


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