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reverse or forward, the system would choose for you according to the situation

Tesla documents obtained by Electrek highlight a new intelligent system that could land in the Model S and Model X next generation. The vehicle would be able to automatically change driving mode depending on the situation.

Tesla constantly wants to make its electric cars smarter and smarter. As such, new innovative features do not fail to appear regularly on the Web in the form of rumors or other more concrete projects. The latest unearthed by Electrek belongs to this second category.

The media has indeed got its hands on internal documents, which tell us more about Tesla’s intentions. The American manufacturer would particularly like to rely on the sensors of its Autopilot and artificial intelligence so that the system switch automatically from one driving mode to another, without the driver having to intervene.

The car chooses the mode for you

As a reminder, a Tesla has four driving modes: P (Park), which blocks the wheels of the vehicle when it is parked, R (Reverse), or reverse gear, N (Neutral) which corresponds to neutral and D (Drive) which activates forward gear. Electrek even comes to quote the official document which illustrates his system with a concrete example.

Tesla Model S 2021

The new Tesla Model S 2021 // Gamesdone: Frandroid

« The vehicle uses Autopilot sensors to intelligently and automatically determine intended driving modes [par le conducteur], then select them», Starts the file.

Delete a new step

And to continue: “For example, if the front of a Tesla Model S or Model X faces a garage wall, the system will detect this and automatically switch to reverse when the driver presses the pedal. This removes an additional step e ».

For now, this feature appears to be reserved for the new generation Tesla Model X and Model S, introduced by the brand at the end of January. Elon Musk would have even tested it already, if we are to believe his little feedback. in a recent twitter message. Once you have tasted thisswitchautomatic, going back to the old practice would become annoying.

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