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return on 12 months of development

Frandroid today celebrates the first year of its new design. A particular period which proved to be rich and instructive.

On December 10, 2019, after 11 years of existence, FrAndroid became Frandroid. Putting aside the green specific to the Google system and a design that was a few years old, it was for us the opportunity to embrace the broader editorial line that we have been dealing with for a while and bring the design of the site up to standard. of our user experience expectations for our readers.

A year later, many things have already changed and we wanted to take stock of the twelve months that have just passed.

A design that evolves over time

When we created the new design of Frandroid, we thought about it to be scalable and that we can improve it over time. We already had some ideas that were deployed quickly.

Many of you have asked, the dark theme arrived in January to rest your eyes and make reading at night easier. Imperfect at the start, it has been perfected in small steps in order to correct certain readability faults reported by our community, because it is for us the main thing: to please our readers.

If you have certainly noticed, other changes may have gone more unnoticed. Our AMP pages for example, on which you come across very regularly without even paying attention from a Google search, are now almost identical to the format you get in front of you when you come to It was essential for us that all our readership could benefit from the same experience, whatever platform they use and their journey on the web.

Other elements have come to bring a new editorial dimension to the site, in order to highlight our content according to their purpose. You have thus seen live live blogs or even a dynamic selection of products at the opening of our buying guides.

The overall experience has also been revised, so that Frandroid pages load always faster. We also think of those who read us on 3G!

Frandroid listens to its readers

These developments have accompanied editorial and aesthetic intentions, but we have also listened to your feedback at length, in the comments or on our social networks to develop the site and the user experience it offers. Based on your recommendations, we have reduced the size of certain blocks, reorganized certain pages so that they are closer to your expectations and generally improved the ergonomics of Frandroid.

Thank you for all of your feedback which helps us move forward and bring you the best content in the best possible way. We still have a long list of improvements to make, but rest assured that our fabulous team of developers are hard at work every day to make browsing Frandroid always more enjoyable.

A constantly evolving editorial line

While we have changed in form, we have also accelerated our transition in substance. Gone are the days when FrAndroid only dealt with a few smartphones. This niche market at the time is now integrated into a much larger ecosystem. It is on the basis of this observation that we gradually extended our editorial line to the entire tech universe.

This year, you were able to discover new sections on Frandroid, always treated with the same care and the same seriousness. New generation requires, the video game has carved out a place of choice this year on Frandroid with eagerly awaited tests:

You have also discovered the pen of Melinda, who joined us in June and who is particularly active in this universe. We will continue to feed it in 2021 by telling you about cloud gaming, services, but also games, always through the prism of technology.

Our television tests have also been taken to the next level (see our LG 65CX test) in order to better guide you in your choice in the event that you have considered taking the plunge with the approach of the Olympic Games And we have thus greatly strengthened our teams to offer you content around audio, the connected home, PCs or even electric mobility (reinforced by the arrival of Grégoire in the team) and even photos:

And as Frandroid is not just a website, you may have also seen changes on our YouTube channel where we cover more varied subjects in video, sometimes with guests, such as the lively PP Garcia who now has a chair with his name in our studio.

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This is just the beginning

But all of this is only the beginning. We still have a lot of projects in our boxes and you can be sure we won’t stop there. 2021 is fast approaching and we will continue to offer you varied and quality content, as well as tools that should certainly please you … but we still prefer to keep the surprise.

And if it is the anniversary of this new Frandroid, it seems important to remember that it would not exist without its readership. Without you who read us every day and who motivate us to improve ourselves a little more every day, Frandroid would not be what it is today. For that, only one word could sum up this year: thank you.

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