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request your free adapter if you have a PS VR headset

For those who wish to use a PlayStation VR on a PlayStation 5, an adapter is required to connect the camera. This is available free of charge from Sony on request.

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR // Gamesdone: Frandroid

The PlayStation 5 is coming soon and several questions arise, in particular around Sony’s involvement in the VR (virtual reality) market. Jim Ryan, CEO of the PlayStation division, has indicated that no investment will be made in this direction in the coming years, even if the brand has a new headset in the works.

The PS5 natively incompatible with the PS VR

However, one point is clear: out of the box, the PS5 is not compatible with the PlayStation VR, the VR headset of the PS4. His games, however, will be. How? ‘Or’ What ? Using an adapter.

As a reminder, the PS VR is made up of several elements. First of all the headphones of course, connected to a box, itself connected to the console by an HDMI cable and to the television to also retransmit the signal to potential spectators. No problem on that side then.

But to capture the movements of the player’s arms, it is necessary to use PlayStation Moves, recognized by a camera which itself connects to the PS4 through a proprietary port, not present on the PS5. To benefit from it, an adapter is therefore necessary.

Request your free PS VR adapter

Still wishing for backward compatibility, Sony makes this adapter available free of charge to all PlayStation VR owners. To obtain it, all you have to do is request it from the manufacturer, with the sole constraint of owning the virtual reality headset (and not necessarily the PS5).

For that, go on the dedicated page where you will be asked for the serial number of your PS VR. This is located at the back of the connection box.

Once requested, you will receive the free adapter needed to connect the camera to a PlayStation 5. You will then be ready to dive back into your virtual reality experiences.

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