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repair aid could be extended in 2021

While the 900,000 repairs mark was reached on November 1, 2020 thanks to the Coup de Pouce Vélo, according to the French Federation of Bicycle Users (FUB), the organization would like to see the government extend this financial assistance for the vintage 2021.

Bike boost

The goal of one million is near for the Coup de Pouce Vélo

The beautiful story of Coup de Pouce Vélo continues without a hitch. This device, deployed since May 11, 2020, has indeed been very successful with cyclists who benefit, among other things, from financial assistance of 50 euros per person to repair their bikes. The opportunity to bring out a dusty two-wheeler from the bottom of your cellar, and to retype it for free at an approved shop.

Since then, several hundred thousand users have benefited: so much so that the State had to triple the budget – to the tune of 60 million euros – before extending the plan until the end. of the year 2020. The health context caused by the coronavirus has notably prompted users to avoid public transport, while certain cities – such as Paris – have boosted the installation of new cycle paths.

« Containment encourages us to make this request»Extension

So much for the background. And in this more than positive dynamic, the French Federation of Bicycle Users (FUB) would like to see the system extend to the year 2021. ” Containment prompts us to make this request, as many people may not want to go out to make repairs and will want to postpone them. », Underlines Olivier Schneider, president of the FUB, in the columns of BFM Business .

Coup de Pouce Vélo, an undisputed success since its inception in May

Coup de Pouce Vélo, an undisputed success since its inception in May

The FUB has real legitimacy here, since Coup de Pouce Vélo is part of the Alvéole program, designed alongside the organization. In addition, the latter has an interesting idea to ensure the financing of a new extension: that the local authorities support the amount of 50 euros, in order to reduce the investment of the government. “Some are already doing it, as in Rouen or Mayenne», Specifies the person concerned.

Towards one million repairs by the end of 2020

Mr. Schneider strengthens his argument by playing the employment card: “More than 500 jobs have been created with this plan, we could go much further», He argues. And to continue: “There are 5,000 in France (repair companies, editor’s note), we could do twice as much».

Le Coup de Pouce Vélo recently reached the threshold of 900,000 repairs, according to the FUB, which necessarily targets the symbolic milestone of one million by the end of the year. “At the time, the government thought we were very ambitious, but we are almost there. Barring a disaster, the million bicycles will be reached, or even exceeded on December 31, the date of the end of the operation“. Before even higher numbers are reached thanks to a potential extension?

This is all the evil we wish them.

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