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Rental of electric scooters: applications to know


Self-service electric scooters have become commonplace around the world. France has also succumbed to this wave: from Paris to Bordeaux via Lyon, Grenoble or even Marseille, more and more large cities are benefiting from such a service. Here are the applications to know to benefit from it.

Today, renting a self-service electric scooter to get around town is no longer atypical. The practice has exploded in recent years, as the number of niche companies and start-ups has also skyrocketed. Before the sector was gradually structured: due to lack of space on the market, some companies withdrew, when cities like Paris limited their number.

In France, operators did not hesitate for a second to embark on the adventure, Paris being considered one of the El Dorados on the market. But other large cities in the country have also welcomed such services, accompanied by dedicated mobile applications on which are geolocated, via a map, the famous connected cars. That’s the whole point of this guide: which ones do you need to know to rent one of the many electric mounts available?

Lime: the base of the base

  • Where: Paris
  • Price: 1 euro unlocking fee, then 20 cents per minute
  • Colors: green housing and rear brake pedal

Lime is arguably the most famous operator in the industry. Formerly deployed in Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux, the Californian company is today only present in Paris, according to the map of the application. Also available on the Uber app – the two companies are very close partners – Lime electric scooters can be unlocked using a QR code to be scanned with your phone. If you wish, a wallet granting you bonuses according to the amount deposited is available to you.

Also, three Lime Pass subscriptions make up the offer: a daily package of 12.99 euros (unlimited access to scooters for 24 hours, up to 30 minutes of use), a monthly package of 8.99 euros (0 euros of costs release, reservation of a scooter up to 30 minutes before its release) and an unlimited package (unlimited access to scooters and JUMP bikes, up to 45 minutes of use) initially launched for the period of confinement ( until December 1, 2020) only.

The mobile application is clear, readable and intuitive.



Tier: the most common in France

  • Where: Paris, Lyon, Grenoble and Bordeaux
  • Price: 1 euro unlocking fee, then 15 cents per minute
  • Colors: blue / green

Tier is the service established in the most French cities, with a relatively large fleet of electric scooters. The unlocking system uses Lime’s principle: quite simply a QR code to scan with your mobile device. In addition to its billing per minute, a subscription formula is offered to the user up to 39 euros per month.

At this price, the recipient pays no unlocking fees and enjoys unlimited usage time. The package works in all cities where Tier is established. In the areas delimited by a yellow line – parks in this case – the electric scooter slows down automatically.

TIER e-scooter sharing & more

TIER e-scooter sharing & more

Dott: the app that rewards you

  • Where: Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux
  • Price: 1 euro unlocking fee, then 20 centimes per minute (19 centimes in Lyon and Bordeaux)
  • Colors: black base, three-color steering column (white / green / red, blue / white / red, pink / yellow / white)

Dott’s electric scooters are easily noticed by their tricolor steering column. Here again, a QR code is to be scanned with your phone to unlock the two-wheeler and make a trip. The application stands out from the others by its system of rewards to be won over your routes: the more you do, the more points you accumulate, and the more reductions or free minutes you earn.

Using the Dott service necessarily requires transferring money to your wallet: at least 2.50 euros are required, according to the application, to start a race. Depending on your usage time, a sum calculated on the per-minute pricing is then deducted from your purse. Note that the brand’s scooters are limited to 20 km / h, according to its FAQ.



Voi (BlaBla Ride): the partner of BlaBlaCar

  • Where: Marseille and Bordeaux
  • Price: 1 euro unlocking fee, then 15 cents per minute
  • Colors: red and black

The Voi platform loves the sun, since it is only available in the south of France. The people of Bordeaux and Marseillais have plenty of time to unlock one of their electric scooters via a QR code… but electrified vehicles still need to be displayed on the card provided for this purpose. As of October 27, 2020, the application did not show any, despite its partnership concluded with BlablaCar in May 2020.

On Google and Apple stores, the application is called BlaBla Ride. Once the latter is installed on your phone, the name Voi is displayed on your interface. This is confusing and somewhat lacking in clarity. The fact is that the platform has surely not made a definitive cross on its electric mounts, which should one day return to the tip of their nose.

Voi suffers in any case from small translation problems, and displays as currency the pound sterling instead of the euro when offering its daily and monthly subscriptions: 9.99 and 40 euros, respectively, for 45 minutes of free use. on every trip. Prohibited parking zones are also indicated.

BlaBla Ride

BlaBla Ride

Wind: heading south

  • Where: Bordeaux, Perpignan, Le Barcarès
  • Price: 1 euro unlocking fee, then 15 cents per minute
  • Colors: yellow

It is to the German company Byke Mobility Gmbh that we owe the Wind electric scooter service. The Berlin-based firm has set its sights on the south of France to embark on the adventure, with operation seen and reviewed: QR code to unlock the two-wheeler, wallet system, recommended parking area. Practical: you can track your costs on a table and request an invoice if necessary.

WIND - Smart E-Scooter Sharing

WIND – Smart E-Scooter Sharing

Bird: a stationary service

If Bird was for a time a reference in the matter, its disappearance from French cities raises questions. As of October 27, 2020, no city has displayed electric scooters of the brand after two checks within the editorial staff.

According to its website, the operator is located in Lyon, Marseille and Paris, although the company is no longer authorized to exercise its activity within the capital, because not selected by the town hall at the time of the appeal. ‘offers. We will be sure to update this guide as the situation evolves.



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