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Renault will offer a full range of electric trucks from 2023

Renault Trucks has announced that it will be offering a 100% electric offer for each market segment: distribution, construction and long distance, within two years.

A Renault Zero Emission truck

A Renault Zero Emissions truck // Gamesdone: Renault

The Renault group has already been offering electric vehicles for almost a decade, and today it is the part specializing in trucks of the diamond brand that affirms its desire to turn to sustainable mobility.

The truck market aims to be carbon neutral within 30 years, and Renault Trucks is therefore committed to ensuring that all of its trucks can run without fossil fuels from 2040. As of today, the specialized range Renault Trucks delivery and waste collection is electrically available, but this is not sufficient to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

In two years, the group will offer a ZE (Zero Emission) tractor, thus meeting the need for regional and interregional transport, in addition to a truck dedicated to construction sites on the same date.

By the end of the current decade, Renault Trucks aims to have 35% of its sales volume made up of electric vehicles. Their research and development division will therefore be reorganized to meet this objective, in partnership in particular with the Volvo group.

A market that could explode within ten years

According to Renault, the electric truck market will be booming in the coming decade, and the group intends to be one of those who will have a coherent offer for professionals:

Renault Trucks offers a complete transport offer including batteries, solutions for installing charging infrastructure at its customers’ premises, optimization of the energy used, repair and maintenance, financing and insurance.

Renault Trucks Press Release

During this transition period, Renault Trucks is thus asserting itself as a privileged partner of professionals in the field, affirming more serenity with them than with other manufacturers. So let’s expect to see a fleet of Renault electric trucks on the roads of France in two years. The appointment is made.

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