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Renault chooses Leclerc for the rental of its low-cost electric SUV

Renault and E.Leclerc Location have entered into a new partnership, resulting in the purchase of 4,000 electric vehicles which will soon be leased. No less than 3000 Dacia Spring make up the lot, completed by 1000 Renault ZOE.

Dacia Spring

The Dacia Spring will land in the 507 E.Leclerc Location branches // Gamesdone: Renault

The electric Dacia Spring will make its debut in 2021. This low-cost SUV teas throughout the year 2020 and presented as the most affordable connected vehicle in Europe will first integrate the Zity carsharing fleet in the first quarter of 2021. Its launch will continue in two phases: to hire, then to the purchase.

3000 Dacia Spring for rent at Leclerc

This first option will be overseen in particular by E.Leclerc Location, whose recent partnership signed with Renault will allow it to rent 4,000 electric vehicles from the French brand, including 3,000 Dacia Spring and 1,000 Renault Zoe, we learn in an official press release. .

Dacia Spring

La Dacia Spring // Gamesdone : Renault

For Renault, this approach should “encourage the testing and then adoption of this greener mode of transport by thousands of motorists“. The 504 rental agencies of E.Leclerc will offer such an offer from March 1, 2021, without any price list or rental period having yet been published.

Dacia Spring, a crossover above all for the city

As a reminder, the Dacia Spring benefits from an autonomy of 225 km in the combined cycle according to the WLTP standard, or 295 km in the urban cycle, taking advantage of a 26.8 kWh battery. Its 33 kWh (44 hp) engine gives it a top speed of 125 km / h. But its real asset lies in its future price: around 10,000 euros with the ecological bonus.

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