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recovery of MDP, VPN, death … the Apple cloud goes even further


iCloud gains a “+” and new security features, but also comfort when needed. Here is a quick tour of the new features presented at WWDC 2021.

Many users of Apple products store a significant portion of their private or professional life in the cloud through iCloud. During WWDC 2021, the Cupertino company unveiled its latest innovations in this area by always promising more security, but also features to make life easier in the event of a problem. These new services are part of a new package called iCloud +.

Loss of password and death

When your whole life is stored on a remote server, surely the greatest anguish is losing your password and not being able to access it. There are plenty of ways to deal with this, but Apple has come up with a clever new principle: the recovery contact.

In your iCloud + account settings, you can now designate a recovery contact. Rest assured, he will not have access to your information, but if you ever lose your password, he can then provide you with a unique identification code that will allow you to regain your access.

Digital heritage

The other anxiety, and not the least, concerns the death of the user. What will happen to your data? By designating a legacy contact, you can cede your data to them if something happens to you. A service offered by Google for a long time.

With this, you will have the guarantee that your documents or photos will never be lost.

iCloud +: VPN, disposable email and video storage

But what really takes iCloud to the next level are the new things around privacy and security.

Private Relay: a VPN that does not say its name

First of all, Private Relay. Although Apple didn’t utter the word, it is actually a VPN. To prevent certain Internet giants or even your Internet service provider from being able to create a profile from your browsing, Safari now encrypts all Internet traffic that leaves your device and passes it through two relays so that no one can. to access. “No one, not even Apple, can know who you are and what sites you visit.», All without reducing navigation performance.

Hide my email: a disposable address

Hide my email allows you to create a unique random address that forwards messages received to your personal mailbox. Directly from Safari and Mail, you can create as many addresses as you want and delete them whenever you want to avoid spam.

HomeKit Support Video: so you don’t miss out on what’s going on at home

Got smart security cameras watching your home when you’re not around? HomeKit Support Video allows you to configure an unlimited number of cameras that will record your security videos in iCloud and the space occupied by them will not be deducted from your storage space.

We imagine that this only concerns certain cameras using the right APIs.

iCloud + for the same price as iCloud

All these new iCloud + features are integrated into existing iCloud subscriptions at no additional cost. Beyond the 5 GB offered, therefore count 0.99 euros per month for 50 GB, 2.99 euros per month for 200 GB and 9.99 euros for 2 TB.

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