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Razer Viper Ultimate Ambidextrous Mouse is half the price


Need a good mouse dedicated to gaming to make frag? The Razer Viper Ultimate is a very good choice, especially since it’s currently on sale and drops from $ 149 to just $ 75 on Amazon after a 50% discount.

If you spend a lot of time gaming on a PC, buying a dedicated mouse just for this purpose is bound to be on your mind. Likewise, the Razer brand shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you. Its flagship model named Viper Ultimate is an excellent solution normally sold for 150 euros, but which is today half price.

In short

  • Forme ambidextre
  • Featherweight of 74 grams
  • Autonomy of about 70 hours

Razer Viper Ultimate mouse is available today on sale at only 75 euros on Amazon after an unprecedented 50% discount on its original price.

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The Razer Viper Ultimate is a mouse that has the particularity of taking an ambidextrous shape, therefore suitable for both right and left handed users. It is very useful if you are several gamers in the same family to play on the same PC. There’s even a profile save system (up to 4) to keep your sensitivity and other settings on any device.

Then you should know that the Razer gaming mouse is extremely light with its featherweight of only 74 grams. This is a figure much lower than the majority of the competition, which allows you to perform faster and just as precise gestures than the others. The 20,000 DPI sensor offers almost flawless tracking of movements.

There are a total of 8 mouse shortcuts to personalize the gaming experience. This is the best way to optimize your actions, especially since the buttons respond quickly with no debounce delay. You will be able to frag faster than the others, but that’s in theory.

The Viper Ultimate is operated wirelessly via a USB dongle using Razer HyperSpeed ​​technology, which provides extremely low latency and excellent transmission stability. Razer then promises identical performance to wired mice. The autonomy is also impressive: nearly 70 hours. Note however that it can also be used in wired mode with the USB cable supplied with it.

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