Monday, April 12

Razer Sells Reusable Straws, A Little Too Rude Green Marketing

Should we laugh or should we applaud? Razer has just announced reusable straws a few days after great announcements in favor of sustainable development.

You see it every day, companies display new values ​​around ecology and the protection of the planet. They are right, it is a real issue. However, it is a double-edged sword.

Green washing ou green marketing ?

Put on an eco-friendly mask, without reviewing their ecological commitments or the composition of their products, this is what we call making green washing.

Razer obviously takes risks. On the one hand, the hardware brand announces its sustainable development plans over 10 years, which is appreciable and shows a real effort to change things, on the other hand they will now sell a reusable straw: “Fight for our environment with every sip – with Razer’s reusable straw ”.

This straw is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, it is designed to be easy to carry and has a foldable design. Razer sold it for 20 dollars (17 euros) before tax.

Awaken to the subject of ecology and change the way you produce, design and sell, why not, but sell everyday products designed thousands of kilometers away and ship them one by one to the other side of the world…. we are skeptical.

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