Tuesday, October 20

Razer launches a gaming bank card, which turns on an LED light when you pay

Like other tech companies, Razer has become a fintech, a financial tech company. Its first product does not forget its gaming roots … Razer is one of the largest manufacturers of peripherals for computers and consoles. It also has a gaming smartphone on the market, such as the Razer Phone. Almost all its products are focused on gaming, which is why it has launched its new Razer Card, a bank card designed for gamers. Razer created its financial branch, called Razer Fintech, a couple of years ago, as other technology companies such as Apple or Samsung have done. In collaboration with VISA, it has created the Razer Card, a prepaid card available in virtual format, in a plastic card version, and a premium edition that contains an LED light that lights up when you make a payment. It is a fully functional contactless VISA card that can be used to pay in more than 61 million merchants around the world, as well as in online stores and services. But with a layer of gamification and rewards for using it. As the press release explains, it is a prepaid card, so you have to recharge it before using it. It is not a credit card. By paying with it, you receive 1% of what you have spent in certain product categories. And you have a 5% discount if you buy at the Razer Store or Gold points for certain products. There is no minimum spending or cap to receive these benefits. In addition, through the Razer App a gamification system is activated that gives you prizes and rewards if you complete certain tasks using the card, although it does not specify what it consists of. These protective sleeves prevent unwanted payments on contactless cards that use RFID or NFC. Thieves will not be able to make charges by bringing a reader to your purse or purse. At the moment it is going to be launched in Singapore, in a beta phase that will last 3 months, distributing 1,337 cards of this type. In this phase, Razer will increase discounts in its store to 10%, and there are prizes of up to $ 2,000 if certain types of tests are carried out with it. If all goes well, this Razer Card may be exported to other countries. You have more information on their website. It is not the only curious product that the North American company has presented these days. He surprised us all with some gum that improves performance playing video games.


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