Tuesday, December 7

Razer goes green and promises greener products


Razer announces its 10-year sustainability plans. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energies, recyclable products and investments will enable Razer to commit to the planet.

Large tech companies generally have a negative image of society for the planet: extraction of rare earths, assembly in China, transport across the planet, sometimes in humanly deplorable conditions … In 2021, when the world becomes aware of the issues ecological issues that are currently being played out, this is no longer possible. So many of these giants are trying to make things better. This is the case for example of Apple which communicates on each of its product announcements, Microsoft or Google to name only the most important. In turn, Razer wished to discuss its 10-year commitments to reduce its carbon footprint.

“Green products”

Without waiting for 2030, Razer promises that all its products will be recyclable by 2025. All the brand’s devices can be brought back to RazerStore for free to be taken back. Procedures “strictWill then be set up by the brand with the snake to treat waste and dispose of electronic waste responsibly.

In addition, all packaging will be biodegradable FSC certified (ensuring sustainable forest management) and Razer is committed to using recycled or recyclable materials for all its products by 2030. The material will therefore be designed in PCR plastic ( Post-Consumer Recycle ) for a more environmentally friendly design. More than just promises, Razer therefore puts forward certifications and environmental standards to prove its good faith.

A sustainable mentality

In addition to the impact of its products, Razer also wants to change its corporate culture, whether that is by removing single-use plastics from its premises or reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in order to achieve carbon neutrality. ‘by 2030. Thus, the offices located in Hamburg and the headquarters of Razer SEA, which will soon be inaugurated, are already powered by renewable energies. The goal for the Californian company is to generalize this practice for all its offices by 2025.

Razer nevertheless specifies that “when reduction and renewal are not possible, Razer will engage through investments in reforestation and other projects impacting the environment», A practice with much less convincing results and used by a good number of companies within the framework ofgreen washingaiming to give itself a good image. Hopefully Razer won’t abuse it.

Go Green

Apart from its personal commitments, Razer also aims to instill these good principles in its community of players in order to make them aware of environmental issues through its communication, but also through events, such as the sale of Sneki Snek soft toys to replant trees. The brand will also invest in startups specializing in the environment and sustainable development.

Now that the schedule has been set, it will have to be respected, hoping that the brand will set an example and go beyond its commitments.


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