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Ray tracing on Super NES, price of Galaxy S21 and annual subscription at Tesla

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Did not have time to follow the news yesterday? Here is what marked Monday, December 21: we have an idea of ​​the price of future Samsung Galaxy S21s, the annual Tesla subscription is coming and ray tracing on Super NES. To not miss any news, consider subscribing to the Frandroid newsletter.

Tesla Full Self-Driving: Elon Musk announces the release date of his annual subscription

Finally ! Eight months later his first announcement, we are starting to know a little more about the subscription dedicated to Tesla autonomous driving features. The famous Full Self-Driving package package should be implemented shortly. It was Elon Musk himself who posted it on Twitter. And it would be for “early 2021”. The subscription in question should therefore be available in two formats: monthly and annual.

Samsung Galaxy S21: we have an idea of ​​future prices in Europe

Pending a possible presentation on January 14, 2021, the new smartphones in the Galaxy S21 range keep letting information slip by. After the design and the technical characteristics, here is now the first information on the price. A well-known leaker shared what he announced as the prices of Samsung devices in Europe, with a slight variation due to taxes in some countries. But one constant: the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus should see their prices drop while the Galaxy S21 Ultra promises to be more expensive than its predecessor.

A smart kid adds ray tracing to a Super NES

Don’t have a competition PC with an NVIDIA RTX or AMD RX graphics card? No problem. If you have an older Nintendo Super NES system, you might as well add ray tracing to it. This is the feat achieved by a video game developer. In a video, he showed how he managed to tweak the graphics chip of an old game cartridge by injecting it with a modern twist to add lighting effects to titles almost 30 years old.

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