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Ranking of the iPhone 12 Pro on DxOMark, Google Photos and probable design of the Apple headset

Did not have time to follow the news yesterday? Here is what marked Friday, November 13: the photo module of the iPhone 12 Pro is placed at the 4th position of the DxOMark ranking, the Pixel 5 will not be spared either by the end of the unlimited on Google Photos and the potential design of Apple’s headphones may have been spotted. To not miss any news, consider subscribing to the Frandroid newsletter.

iPhone 12 Pro: DxOMark places it behind Huawei and Xiaomi

The French laboratory DxOMark, specializing in photo quality measurement, has delivered its verdict on the results of the iPhone 12 Pro. The latter obtained the score of 128, which places it in 4th place behind the Mate 40 Pro (136), P40 Pro (132), Xiaomi Mi 10 UItra (133), and tied with the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. To know its strengths and weaknesses, this article provides more details.

End of unlimited on Google Photos: Pixels also affected

Pixel phones certainly belong to Google, but they too remain affected by the end of unlimited on Google Photos, assured the California brand. If the current range can still benefit from it, the next generations will not be entitled to it and will have to turn to a Google One subscription to expand the storage within the service. A small page that turns.

Apple headphones: a probable design spotted

The site 9to5Mac unearthed in the code of iOS 14.3 a new icon that could represent the AirPods Studio headset, which is still pending. This image would then give us clues about the design potential of the accessory, including the description of Bloomberg at the time published joins the aesthetic lines of the pictogram. Are we on the cusp of an imminent release of the Apple headphones? The future will tell.

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