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Rakuten breaks the price of refurbished


Refurbished products are in the spotlight at Rakuten. The merchant site indeed offers several high-tech products at very attractive prices, including two iPhones and the Google Home Mini speaker.

Source: Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Gamesdone: Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

The refurbished market has been on the rise for a few years now. First, because it limits the environmental impact of purchasing a high-tech product. On the other hand, it is a market that allows the buyer to make huge savings, with prices much more attractive than new. It is also much more advantageous than the occasion for the buyer, since the products are inspected, certain parts are replaced, in order to be as close as possible to a new product.

Refurbished products can now be found on Rakuten, and with all the benefits that come with them, including Super Points. As a reminder, this mechanism makes it possible to obtain a voucher in the form of Super Points for each purchase made on the site. A nice bonus that allows for example to finance the protective shell or the headphones that will accompany your new refurbished smartphone.

The Google Home Mini reconditioned like new at 25 euros

The Google Home Mini is the ultimate connected speaker. It natively embeds the Google Assistant, which allows you to control your speaker directly with voice commands. Its small size and discreet design allow it to be positioned almost everywhere: both in the bathroom to listen to the morning radio and in the living room to control its various connected objects.

Refurbished like new, the Google Home Mini is displayed at only 25 euros at Rakuten. A very small price for a device with large capacities.

The refurbished iPhone XR at 389 euros

Released two and a half years ago, the iPhone XR remains a safe bet at Apple. Powered by the Apple A12 Bionic processor and still eligible for many major updates, it’s a smartphone that has several years of smooth running ahead of it. Its unique 12-megapixel sensor is capable of taking very beautiful shots, in particular thanks to Apple’s powerful image processing. The iPhone XR also offers generous battery life, capable of handling a long day of use.

Thanks to the refurbished market, the iPhone XR is now at the same price as mid-range Android smartphones. Indeed, its price is 389 euros, in like new condition and with an 18 month warranty provided by The Kase store. A lightning cable and headphones are provided. Also count on a refund of 38.9 euros in Super Points.

The reconditioned iPhone SE (2020) in good condition at 294 euros

Don’t be fooled by its looks, the iPhone SE is a smartphone that has it under the hood and is built to last for years to come. Admittedly, it doesn’t have the latest trendy design of 2021, but it does have the advantage of being perfectly usable with one hand. Above all, it is equipped with the very powerful Apple A13 processor, which is found on the iPhone 11 series. Apple obliges, the iPhone SE will receive major iOS updates for many years to come. This is by far the best longevity-price ratio that can be found in the smartphone market, any operating system combined.

In a “good condition” grade, the iPhone SE of 2020 is offered at 294 euros at Rakuten, delivered with a charger and a lightning cable. The warranty is 6 months.


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