Wednesday, August 4

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 season 4 Operation Neon Dawn is live on Test Server

The newest season content of Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 has been revealed. Operation Neon Dawn happens to be the last season of year 5 and it brings a new Operator called Aruni from Thailand. Besides a new operator, the Skyscraper map has been reworked, and changes made to Jager, Hibana and Echo.

Year 5 Season 4 of Rainbow Six Siege like last time is bringing some major changes to the game. Some of these changes are bound to attract a lot of controversy among the player base. Here are some of the most significant things brought with Operation Neon Dawn.

New Operator: Aruni

Apha “Aruni” Tawanroong is from Thailand and the first in the game to be featured with disabilities. Aruni has a prosthetic arm and a leg, but she uses those to her advantage. Unlike other operators she can punch a large hole in soft walls with her prosthetic arm. These are as big as shotgun holes and we found these rather convenient in our test time. 

Aruni's Surya Gate

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Aruni’s special gadget is the Surya Gate which is essentially an unbreakable laser net that can be attached to doors, windows as well as soft walls. This net once deployed does extensive damage to attackers if they touch it. Throwables and drones get destroyed on touching it. But once the laser gate makes contact with something it gets deactivated and needs to recharge. Defenders have to shoot it once it’s ready again to reactivate. Oh, and it deactivates when a defender tries to cross it.

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