Wednesday, October 21

Quick and easy tricks to make your Windows or Mac laptop battery last longer

If you need to conserve your computer’s battery at a specific time with these tricks you can reduce its consumption in a simple way and also take care of this element so necessary for your device. You don’t want to have to charge your computer every so often or you are away from home without the charger and you need the battery to last as long as possible. If you find yourself in any of these circumstances, it is good to know some tricks to curb energy expenditure and be able to continue working. Fortunately, modern laptops are much more efficient than their predecessors. Today, even the simplest computers and some gaming giants can last more than eight hours on a single charge. Some premium laptops can last 14 hours or more. The main operating systems, Windows and macOS offer a series of settings to control energy consumption and give us a report of which applications are the ones that spend the most on this component. We explain some tricks to control consumption in those times of emergency and, as you are, extend the useful life of the battery. A smartphone is a real computer, diary, social communicator, a multi-tool that fits in the palm of your hand. But it has an important limitation, its autonomy. Are there tricks to charge the mobile battery faster? Settings in macOS Apple computers do not have the same settings as Windows, but they can also be used to protect the battery and reduce its consumption. As you can see in the image, the system allows you to adjust the time that the screen is on if you are not using the computer or indicate that it reduces its brightness if we do not have the device connected to the charger. We can also completely sleep the system if we deactivate the Power Nap function by which the computer wakes up from time to time to check for updates. Some models even offer the option of selecting those tasks that can use the most powerful graphics processor. This way you can ensure that only graphics intensive games or other applications use it, while everything else can be obtained using the CPU. Saving battery in Windows On the other hand, devices with the Windows 10 operating system have a battery saving mode that we can activate when it is running low or, if we prefer, when we are away from home and we need to last longer. The settings that the computer makes with this saving depend a lot on each manufacturer, but most reduce the brightness of the screen by 30%, prevent Windows update downloads, stop mail synchronization and suspend most applications in background. Reduce the brightness of the screen This happens with all devices, the screens are the elements that need the most energy. If you always have the screen at maximum brightness, your battery will drain very easily. Both to avoid this consumption, and for the health of our eyes, it is better to work in well-lit environments and get used to not raising the light on the screen excessively. These five computers have plenty of power for your day to day, in addition to a weight of less than 1.5 kg so you can always carry them with you. Focusing on few tasks There are times when we have too many active programs and we are really only using one. Imagine that you are writing a report and you don’t need the internet. Notifications can be more of a hassle than an aid to your concentration. Activate airplane mode and, incidentally, save some battery. You can also check the task manager and close those that you are not using. Although with this process we must be careful not to close something that the computer may need. Closing applications that consume a lot of power Some tools or applications remain in the background consuming a lot of battery. In the same way that on mobile phones we can see which are the apps that use the most battery, on computers we can also locate and close them. In the case of Windows, you have a window to see all the applications and the consumption of each one: Settings> System> Battery> See which applications affect the battery life. On the other hand in macOS we must go to Users and groups, then click on the Login Items tab, where you will find a list of applications that run in the background when you start your Mac. Caring for the ventilation system The current batteries hardly They require care, but if we do not monitor the cooling of the computer, heat is a very dangerous agent for batteries, as is dust. The ventilation system that computers have on the side and inside should always be clear and as clean as possible. It is not recommended to use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust or crumbs from the inside of the device, it could force something to come off. Blowing to loosen dust is a safer technique. Also, if you work a lot on the sofa, the blankets or cushions under the computer do not let the air out and raise the temperature of the computer.

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