Wednesday, December 1

Qualcomm works on its first mobile gaming with the help of Asus


Gaming mobiles are gaining strength in the market, more and more manufacturers are designing their own devices focused on the enjoyment of games. Qualcomm is the latest to join this trend with the collaboration of Asus. On December 1, the next Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit will take place in which, in principle, the next great processor of the brand will be presented. That day it is expected to meet the Snapdragon 875, the chip that we very possibly see in most premium terminals. There would also be time to get to know some models of the 700 chip line, those designed for mid-range smartphones. But this is not the only thing, according to a report, Qualcomm would be reserving one last surprise, its first phone designed to satisfy the needs of the most passionate of video games. If we review the main gaming mobiles we see that inside it stands out a Qualcomm processor. The company has the most powerful chips, such as the Snapdragon 865, it would only need the help of another company with experience in creating mobile phones and computers for gamers, Asus. Intel and AMD have traditionally been rivals in the field of computers. However, in recent years Qualcomm has been positioning itself as a rival in new devices. The Digitimes media outlet, which closely covers the semiconductor and technology products industry, assures in an article that Qualcomm has resorted to a collaboration with Asus to carry out its first mobile gaming. Asus has already shown that it performs well in this field. . The manufacturer, in addition to standing out with its gaming computers, has bet heavily on its Asus ROG Phone line. Its third generation ROG Phone 3 is the first phone to be featured with the Snapdragon 865 Plus chip. No details of the first Qualcomm mobile have yet been leaked, most likely it will integrate the Snapdragon 875 as the engine that would be presented at the same time as the phone. According to XDA-Developers, Qualcomm would get the main components for the mobile from those developed by Asus. The joint purchase of components created for Asus’ upcoming phones, from camera modules and memory chips to batteries and cooling hardware, would have been considered. This is what I ask of a gaming mobile, devices that must stand out for their power, but also for special software that makes a difference. The information describes this collaboration as beneficial for both companies since the two would work together to create a mobile that they will later sell separately. This means that Qualcomm will sell half of the devices that are manufactured under its brand and with its own exterior design and Asus will do the same. The mobiles will be different on the outside, but they will share internal technology. This gives Asus the opportunity to contribute its experience in the manufacture of gaming mobiles and Qualcomm allows it to collaborate with its best processor.


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