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Qualcomm unveils its first multi-purpose AR glasses

To help boost the sector, Qualcomm on Tuesday presented its concept of intelligent viewer for augmented reality. It takes the form of glasses and promises a powerful, immersive and multiple experience thanks to the dedicated in-house platform.

At the end of 2019, Qualcomm had surprised everyone by teaming up with Niantic, the father of Pokémon Go, to announce a collaboration around augmented reality glasses. The avowed goal was to be able to go hunting for animals without having to put your smartphone under your nose.

Last October, the American firm took advantage of its 5G Summit to announce the doubling of its number of partners in the XR enterprise program, which offered a catalog of virtual reality and augmented reality solutions for professional use cases.

Powerful augmented reality glasses for everyone

And the San Diego firm officially unveiled its very first product solution on Tuesday, which is based on its Snapdragon XR1 platform to offer “a high quality, immersive and powerful experience“. So here is the AR Smart Viewer for “premium user experiences”.

Resembling fairly classic glasses, the viewer has a micro-Oled binocular screen with an ever more pleasant 90 Hz image frequency and which offers fluidity of movement without blurring.

This product is above all a “reference support“. It can be connected via a cable to a compatible smartphone, a Windows PC or a treatment device running with one of the Qualcomm Snapdragon solutions. And this augmented reality product is dedicated to both businesses and consumers.

The purpose of the AR Viewer is to help distribute IT workloads better between the AR Viewer and the host device. The main consequence of this will be to limit the overall power consumption of the system by 30% thanks to fractional processing allowing optimizations on the viewer, promises Qualcomm.

The two on-board monochrome cameras are used for head tracking “with 6 degrees of freedom»And hand tracking with gesture recognition for controls. The 8MB RGB camera with image stabilization thus offers many hands-free use cases.

Work or watch movies

Advantage of the power of the Snapdragon XR1 platform, it will be possible to launch several smartphone applications that can be displayed on virtual screens in front of the user’s eyes. Ideal in particular for collaborative work or to manage several documents simultaneously. Connected to a PC, the intelligent viewer will be able to combine plane detection with multi-display. What allow in particular to anchor virtual PC windows to its real environment.

But it’s not all just for the company. The AR viewer supports the viewing of streaming video content, premium movies, and the American company hopes to see multiple applications developed for a wider audience. Other uses will be developed by the various partners who will capture both the platform and the product, pending the future arrival of the Snapdragon XR2 5G platform announced by the brand.

Qualcomm’s viewer has thus inspired many manufacturers who are working in parallel on their projects. And to quote Lenovo and its ThinkReality A3, smart glasses for the enterprise powered by the Snapdragon XR1 platform and expected in mid-2021.

Source : Qualcomm

Gamesdone : Qualcomm

The viewer is therefore not an expected product for sale as is. No price has also been communicated. Qualcomm explained that it presented its project to save manufacturers time and allow them to adapt the product to develop their own intelligent AR solution. Some partners may already have access to it, before a wider deployment in the coming months. And a Pokémon hunt that could be relaunched by taking on another more fun and practical dimension.

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