Thursday, January 21

PWAs will soon have a more native behavior

Web applications are enriched day by day and on Windows 10 they will soon follow their behavior on that of traditional software.


As early as 2010, by presenting Chrome OS, Google proclaimed it loud and clear: the future of software will go through web applications. Messaging, office tools, photo editing, music player, there are rich web applications that meet most needs and Google is now pushing the use of PWA – Progressive Web Apps.

A little more native behavior

On Windows 10, Progressive Web Apps can be generated from a browser. This is for example the case with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. With the latter, these PWAs will be a little more like traditional software.

In the future, PWAs could be uninstalled within the Windows 10 application manager. The idea is therefore to model the behavior of traditional software in order to provide a unified experience. It should also avoid confusion among less knowledgeable people who want to remove one of these PWAs. Note also the possibility of deleting the data cached by these Web apps.

The Android Police blog reports that a hidden option in Chrome Canary’s advanced settings is available. This could soon be implemented in the stable version of the browser.


The advantages of PWAs

PWAs have a number of advantages. Since they are based on web technologies, they are available on any device with a responsive layout. The HTTPS connection also gives them a certain level of security. Furthermore, caching methods allow them to operate even in offline mode.

Above all, Progressive Web Apps being decompartmentalized from the browser, they can in many cases supplant a classic mobile application. This allows on the one hand to reduce native development costs, but also to override the rules of the App Store.

Some of the popular PWAs available include Spotify, Google Photos, Gmail, Twitter, Flipboard, Telegram or… Frandroid.

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