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PS5, Xbox Series X or S containment and pre-orders: we take stock


The announcement of the new lockdown period coincides with the expected release of the new consoles. We take stock of the pre-orders of the PS5 and Xbox and the situation in store.

New generation consoles

New generation consoles // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Still facing the Covid-19 epidemic, Emmanuel Macron announced a new period of confinement from Friday, October 30, and at least until December 1, 2020. The highly anticipated next-gen consoles, the PS5 and the Xbox Series S and X, officially release in the middle of this period. Many and many of you have already asked us the question of the management of pre-orders by major brands, in particular Fnac and Micromania. Here are their first elements of answers, pending a more complete update.

The situation at Micromania

Micromania was the first to speak out specifically about PS5 pre-orders, so demand has been particularly strong. The chain of stores is in a rather special situation, because it first asks for a deposit for the reservation of the console, then to fully prepay the console before, in principle, to come back to the store to pick up the console on the big day. this is obviously called into question by the confinement. Here are the different possibilities.

  • You have reserved a PS5 and you have already received an email or a call for the availability of the console on November 19: you must come to the store today to proceed with the full prepayment of the console and the shipping costs, in order to be able to deliver the machine to your home.
  • You have booked a PS5 and you have already prepaid in store: you have to come back to the store today to pay the shipping costs so that you can also deliver to your home
  • You have pre-ordered the PS5 on the Micromania site with delivery to the store: Micromania will get back to you shortly. Probably to offer paid home delivery.

Regarding the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X, Micromania specifies that it will communicate later.

It should also be understood that if you have not received any calls or emails from Micromania to confirm availability of your PS5 on November 19, so do not come to the store. With the availability of these new console stocks after Nov. 19 being uncertain, the chain probably doesn’t want to take prepayment for consoles it might not be able to deliver.

The Xbox All Access went through the stores: how will it work?

Microsoft made a strong statement by announcing its new Xbox All Access offer in France which allows you to buy an Xbox Series S or an Xbox Series X on credit with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription over 24 months, from 24.99 euros per month .

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Problem, this offer only offered at Micromania and Fnac is in principle only offered in stores. This is a real credit offer, which requires the creation of a file with a credit organization, and the process is therefore much easier to manage in store.

We immediately put the question to Microsoft to find out more about the future of this offering. The firm told us that it was working on new solutions with its two partners. We therefore hope that it will be possible to access this offer online, through a new system.

This article will be updated as soon as other brands communicate, or answer our questions.


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