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PS5 storage and noise, March PS Plus games, and Apple’s repairability rating

Did you miss the news yesterday? Today’s Tech’spresso lets you catch up on the essentials of Friday, February 26: PS5 fan should make more noise if you add an SSD, Sony mistakenly unveiled games offered to PS Plus subscribers in March and Apple displays the Repairability Index on its products. To not miss the news, you can subscribe to the Frandroid newsletter.

The PS5 should make more noise, if you want extra SSD storage

According to BloombergSony is reportedly planning to enable an expansion port on the PlayStation 5, which will allow users to add an additional SSD to their console. Problem: the latter should then heat up a little more. The Japanese firm therefore intends to increase the electrical power allocated to the fans … which would make the PS5 a bit noisier console.

PS Plus: Final Fantasy VII Remake will be free in March, but there’s a catch

Sony mistakenly unveiled the games offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of March 2021. Among them, Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4), Farpoint (PS4) Remnant From The Ashes (PS4) and Model (PS5), to be collected between March 2 and April 5. But beware: those who have had free access to Final Fantasy VII Remake on the March offer will not be eligible for the patch on PS5.

iPhone and MacBook: Apple in turn displays the repairability index in France

Introduced in France on January 1, 2021, the repairability index for smartphones, PCs and TVs (but not only) corresponds to a score that tells the buyer whether the product will be easy to repair, or not. Apple has finally decided to post it on its French site, and gives us the opportunity to discover the ratings that the apple company has assigned to its devices. Spoiler : it is not famous.

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